Sunday , April 2 2023

Shopping in the US face to face with customers


National Biometric Face Recognition in the United States will use data stores to identify data consumers.

According to, U.S. retail companies want to use biometric facial recognition for loyalty programs that consumers can pay. Companies are trying to convince the US customers.

Last year, Liman Motor Company offered free new customers a biometric member committee. Thus, drivers can hold a check-in for airports and stadia.

The CEO of Data Security firm SensibleVision in the US says that George Brostoff is a new step in biometric technology for use in honor of the consumer in the US. Alan Goode, the founder of God Intelligence, said that there is a huge potential for biometric customer loyalty programs and the use of face recognition to determine users' payments and age.

Bitkiiskin is one of the fastest food chains in the country. Bitcooc announced the opportunity to increase business gains in payments and give discount to consumers.

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