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Pf spots for a salmon sleep


Insomnia stimulates after heart attack After a heart attack,

Coronary Artery Disease and Sleep Disorders, according to Medicina Ballivar Hospital Cardiology Specialist. Murat Geneva said that the heart is a source of heart disease and heart disease. Professor Dr Jenbe is dead as a result of the sleep of the heart.

Moor Jenbay, "Sure, sleep is not an idle action, it's very wet salty is useful, very physical during sleep in the brain and we need to sleep so we need it, which is related to sleep," he said.

"The heart's most tender needs are going to sleep"

Emphasize that the most tender demands of the heart come to sleep. About 50% of sleep time and sleep problems are around 10%. In the 2017 European Journal of Cardiology, a sleeper of 13,000 people can be diagnosed with coronary heart disease (6 hours), cardiovascular disease (heart pressure) and heart rate (71%) and stroke (45%). . In 2011 it was reduced to 500. More than 9 hours.

"Insomnia affects"

Genebe said that professor is associated with insomnia, hypertension, and disease disease. In addition, it will continue. The risk of a person suffering from a respiratory person is directly or directly related to these risks or directly related to the disease. Sleep, Hormone Leptin, it is a hormone hormone. Hormone Leptin is on the lowest level, the hormone grillin is emerging. The greelin is alkaline hormone, and the interest rates increase in certain diets. In addition, the lack of insomnia in the insects can lead to high levels of ecchymosis and ecchymosis.

The weight gain increases the risk of sleeping

Sleep Apnea Sleep Syndrome, Sleep Syndrome. Dr. Jenb says, "Sleep Apnea has a relationship with confidence, especially on the neck and neck of the bottom nest, and the lack of oxygen, the brain's brain stimulates, the brain problem increases, the breath begins to appear, the more effective treatment is weaker. CPAP uses masks, or some remedies can be beneficial in some reusable stimulants.

Pf spots for a salmon sleep

A few hours before eating, especially if the food that is not eaten is not good. Drinking alcohol does not interfere with sleep quality, so it is good to leave Caffeine not to drink alcohol for 6 to 8 hours. Bluetooth can be used in computers and phones, the reduction in the volume of the blan kelaton and the loss of sleep will result.

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