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Özhaseki: Gökçek is not part of my campaign

Mehmet Oussei: Melih Gokhic is not part of my campaign

AK Mehmet Osseki, the former Metropolitan Mayor of the party, and former president, Melih Gokesk, "does not understand the style of my style, does not understand management management, and my style is not my style," Osezaiqi, Goxek, "not part of the campaign.

The Wall – AK Ankara metropolitan Mayor candidate Mehmet Oussei, former Ankara metropolitan Mayor Meli Gokshek said. Osage, "The style is not my method, it's not my knowledge of management management, my style is not my style," he said.

AK Party, Ankara metropolitan mayor candidate Mehmet Oseeye, CNN Turk, published the Knight Vision program. Oscar, journalist Murat Selik said:

DeGil Melih Bay is not part of my campaign. Not my health but the style of management for my work, my management method, my style is not my style. I condemn Mansur Bay without a project. But I can not hear a sentence about his personality, origin and birthday.

Melih geakcekk, said Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansoor Javan CHC, "are not automatically built in Ankara. His grandfather was forced to flee from Macedonia, beppasariyilekk. In order to vote for the president of Ankara ankara mudravakyamakkunnatinum kullamankakkine deny their own generation. My grandfather Is easavali. I am proud of the keaccumakanennatil Akinci. Disturbing, Mr. Slow ".

I've asked you twice this double on WhiteTV. If you are not a Macedonian tribe, explain it. If I prove to be a Macedonian again, will you withdraw from the candidate? Dear Manzoor, it is shameful to deny the facts of misuse of elections

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