Tuesday , March 21 2023

Nellughan Bodoor called for live broadcast: I have seen violence


Nilgunj Bodur made a statement on the incident in the live broadcast of Ahmad Kurral-Silva.

Nilgun bodur said: "In the last of my relatives, I see violence and 6 months of violence, violence is coming to see women and he counts for what he thinks."

Nilgun Bodur's former boyfriend Gokhan Bay broadcast live on the telephony and said, "Can not I use violence for women instead of women, can they wait for two months?" Nilgun Bodoor was a person who ate alcohol. I am the father of three children, a businessman could not work in a social environment, 10 days and Nilgun near his home took me away, "he said.

"I Know the Tip of My Blood"

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Nilgunj Bodoor responded to the claims of his former lover:

"I was not even willing to raise my hand, I apologized for doing something, you fear your life when you face injustice," I have an atmosphere. "I made a decision to change Gokhn's former wife, and I locked him in his hand and I received a report on the attack, I brought the hospital to the court and touched my dog ​​with my dog.

"What is chapter?"

"He's cursed me to my neighbors, let's go through all the situations that can be a problem for people to control their anger, and I'm sorry that my phone is broken, and more and more you've forgotten me," Sommun said in a statement. "He said," I was disgruntled in such a situation Kkalinnu Who is it? I wanted to leave Turkey in these events. "

"We need to be provoked"

I am not a person who exploits emotions. I think this is a lesson. Of course, people are sorry after the violence. Thanks to the social media, I'm now in the picture. Today, in this program, I have tears of two months old. A steel napkin near my neighbor knocked me off. Can a person stick with me, but & # 39; & # 39; l & # 39; t write a book? That is not the case. We should never forgive violence. "

Sede Akgel contacted the Live Video Phone of the Neilgaon Border:

Aggal, "a strikkuntaya remedy, alcohol, and violence has received a report from the coup was my first wife and me, what are you doing? Do not do the like Gokhale, disobedience and we nisabdarakkunnenkil beyute insults and other women. I am going to force him, he applied to me badhakamallatirunnal, I no longer believe in man, Kkunnilla women supporting women.

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