Monday , June 5 2023

Last minute | What's the Big Warning! The European side of Istanbul …


According to the announcement of the General Directorate of Meteorology, the country would be very cold day. On the west side of the Marmara, the Sea Agian, the Western Mediterranean, the Eastern Caribbean, Istanbul, the European side, Ordu, Manasa, Uzacak and Danisley circles are also expected.

The morning arrives at Edinne, Chenkale, Edremit Gulf and heavy rains and the afternoon after arriving in ice and iudine seas.

In the Middle East, eastern Anatolia in the eastern and eastern territories, snow will see snow in the inner and frost areas.

Air temperature does not expect much change. In western areas, temperatures exceed 2-5 degrees Celsius.

Strong winds will be strong in the south, south east, north egyptian western, south, south east, east, eigen and west Mediterranean.

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