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Journalists Ekrerem Imamuugu burns fire on Twitter

Conditions Candidate Contact Ekrem directly& # 39; s HaberthurkInside View the full profile of DEMO He escaped last night! Contact directly As Contact person directly As Via TwitterThey were tempered by night.

My coursesHe asked …
October 6-8He asked …
May 27He asked …
Clergy He is his school …

I mean …
Nagesh & # 39; sFor each question "This is a programming question" He is This is me& # 39; s Ebber hooke First of all, especially the first one. such as, Nagesh & # 39; sMost of that Bad journalist It was not difficult to declare.

Mind IstanbulWhen you have to ask, ask those questions!

Nagahan Jeep, Conditions Candidate This is meOn the basis of the conversation he asked the right questions. Contact directly to SalahatDoes not match to the sky This is me& # 39; Na "6-8 October"He asked about the massacre Contact person directly As Nagehan as well as Twitter Fire at night. He was one of those heated by fire. Ellabar Ortayil& # 39; Yes:

– These questions will be the new Imamululuan presidential candidate!

What is it, Nahan?
Contact directly to SalahatWho praised him, brought the language up to Turkey (!) And a gurus who inspired you! I & amp; # 39;No, instead I ask the question?
Each "H" Can i tell you
Or the meat was killed when it was distributed Contact Yasin directly& # 39 ;, Contact directly to SalahatHow foolish he is, then imamoglu? If a conscience asks, Is it possible to support Ismakul to win three or five votes?

HDPE,The former leader of the prison Contact directly to Salahat For Honey dropping from the mouth … And a journalist The events are scheduled for October 6-8 When asked, "This is a programming question" The answer of an event that led people to the streets to pay off the lives of 50 people is not as difficult as I can imagine.

Deficient failure, stabilize …

Very responsive to the ima …
Nagaan Plaster & # 39;Yeah "You want to create agenda" The accusation was a disgrace to me.

Communist mayorThe middle has a work … is this true or is it wrong? "Yes" Or not "No" This question will get the answer EMamoglu, "You're asking a programming question, Nagahan Hanim" He decided to escape …

This attitude is the same Contact directlyDo not oppose. Claimed that this device was used by 3 sources IMM Secretary-General Hayri Barakli Texting DDL ArlalanThe truth.

And then, but …

This is me To escape:

– Then we will meet on June 24th.

What do you see? Ekram Bay?
What can a man say to your eyes?
"Ykssk's Turkey decided to get better" These are the words of the Lord: 16 million Istanbul Album & # 39;Is not it clear what you're talking about?

Hayri BarakliAnnouncement "We're going to meet on June 24." How honest is this?

Summary here:

Ekram Imambugulu, Istanbul & # 39;Mayer is right. TurkeyThe fact is that he was a spender. Like the leadership of the CHP, Ilauber Hodge As Contact Ekrem directly& Amp; # 39; i Help There are people who are in his office …

Ie This is me Istanbul From the boundary. Ekram Bay, So I must answer all the questions …

Contact Ekrem directlyJournalists should drop on Twitter.

Because that's not right!

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