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It's Newsletter – Obstetric surgery should be personalized


İSTANBUL, (DHA) – DOÇ. Dr. Doctor Murat Kag helped raise the physical challenge without losing weight. He also said that he wants to give a contribution to a person's contribution. "The method of treatment must be personally determined," he said.

The unconscious diet and long-term exercise that are long term for obesity can lead to greater empathy. Obesity surgery is a major contributor to healthy lifestyle reduction by weight loss. Treatment Center in Memorial Hospital and Barcelowler Azores. Dr. Dr. Murat Shah has suggested that the procedure should undergo obesity and has given important information on the subject.

Exercise period after diabetes

We have a plan before the surgery, "he said. Doctor of internal medicine, gastroenterology, endocrinologist Dr. Review the Murat Shag patient. The Asso. Dr. Zhang and Dr. muratt, "Preparation anivaryaman.udaharanattin obese a patient before surgery to prepare for a malttiprinri sayanris tayyarakkentatunt.atukeant, not a herniya, reagiyil in the stomach, the patient's gender, obesity diseases, and diagnostic and surgical method with high mass index tirannetukkanam.beadi, patients quickly and concord The second surgery was performed to select patients for surgery, cardiology pipe to be necessary, and this must be done before such surgery, the patient's tests, the method should decide, "he said.


Body with Body Mass Index The amount of weight above 35 years of age may be how many meals can be applied if applied. Do not use the right kind in the right direction, Dr healing, and the patient followed venam.kutate control, there may be complications of surgery for patients with body weight imposed on the patients, "note that the protein is reduced, it increases the healing. People in some of their activities and reaching exactly saririkaghatakannal It can not be bypassed ijayiccillenkil they die. "

History is history

No need for gastrointestinal and stomach ayurveda, Asso. Dr. Çağ continues:

Depending on whether sex, weight, sickness, age, or pregnancy in women are different, the methods of obesity are different. The surgical procedures used for treating a gastrointestinal tube, gasical bypass surgery, mini gasical bypass, and duodenum switch. The stomach is similar to an exclamation mark, and there will be between 100 and 150 milliliters in the stomach. The removal of the tube gestar circuits consists of a lift and a chlorine hormones. This reduces appetite and reduces body weight.

"This tube is applied to the stomach bypass in the stomach and in the stomach through which the tube is removed from the stomach. This activity reduces the stomach level, affects the food received in the body, and these can be weak.

"Mini gyasricc bypass tube, forming a long-term gyastraik added in small intestinal stomach ceyyum.ceral time is very low, the cost is less, slimbingum type 2 diabetes and effective. This method is known as a bypass gyastrea. It is very effective in treating diabetes, but it does not apply to patients with impregnated want. This method To, surgical anatomy when he walked into the respiratory problems associated with kumilakalumayi, as well as B-9, B-12, vitamins, fats, and growing in the uterus due to pregnancy and sankirnnatakalkk.

Diabetic switch is recommended for those with diabetes with a high body mass index. There is a big loss. After this procedure can be diagnosed with diarrhea, patients are asked to lose weight first, and these side effects should be explained.

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