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Inflation soar

The CPI is questioning how much the WPI CPI will increase in its January inflation rate in February 2019. The January inflation rate for January 2012 is being questioned when people are eagerly waiting for it to be announced. According to inflation, the TEFE CPI will be announced in February. Millions of people are shutting down the rate of price rise. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) domestic manufacturing index index (YY-PPI) data was set up to help us stay tyrannical establishment in early February in TSI. Everybody changes their eyes. In January, the question of whether the inflation rate had increased or the increase in the hike increased. Depending on the inflation rate, the rate of pay will be fixed. Millions of population expect inflation expectations and the increase in CPI's CPI.

What are the Inflation rates in January 2019?

Turkestat will announce the price rise on February 4 The forecasts for February 4, 2019, will be in line with the January inflation. At the same time will be used as a rental price in February.

In other words, the rental rate will be outdated in January, and the rent rate will be announced in February. Following the fair restrictions, the rental rate will be significantly calculated as per the CPI average of 12 months.

Low inflation forecast

Though Central Bank will reduce inflation by 2019 and 2020, President Sentering's message has been positively reflected. The 8-month 10-year bond interest rate has been reduced to 5.27 per cent.

Central Bank has reduced its share of 14.6 per cent to 15.6 per cent in 2019. By 2020 this would be reduced from 9.3% to 8.2%. Speaking at a meeting for inflation, Central Bank President Murat Senthangaiah said: "By the end of 2021, we expect a 5.4 per cent decline, and we can expect to keep inflation at 5 per cent in the recession.

An eight month interior is a dibin

Muralitharan said, "Our goal is to reduce inflation by single families, and within three years our target is approaching 5 per cent," he continued, "until the inflationary stance continues to keep up to inflationary stagnation. In the fight against inflation, the foreign investment of 10 years bonds, the chairman has decreased by 15 percent and decline in 8 months. The dollar dips below one percent. 5.27 TL On the other hand, the Central Bank of 2019 ranks between $ 80 and $ 63 per barrel.

Turkish litter is especially special

Inflation and inflation improved helped improve the country's economic indicators. "The report points out that the risk of rising risk in the new economic program and adoption of the Turkish liru has increased in 2019, with a strong trend in the economy and export tourism in 2019.

Favorite vegetables and veggies

Stating that prices of food items, especially fruits and vegetables, are rising. "As a central bank, we focus on joint ventures, structural factors, and adoption measures, including the law of immigration, particularly the law on the ongoing work," he said.

Rental Increase Calculator by 2019 Rental Rate!

Annual rental rate calculation charges have changed by the law amendment. The PPI average for 12 months instead of farming will hike an average of 12 monthly CPI.

7161 tax laws, some laws, and the Law for Amendment to the Laws of Law have been published on January 18, 2019, in official gazette. It is accepted till January 18. In other words, the hike in hike in terms of January 18 was the CPI.

How rand

One of the measures included in the new economy program affects the rental rate directly on the real estate. Homework can not be rented from the manufacturer's price, but at consumer prices. The & # 39; s inflation & # 39; In the "Policies and Procedures" category, the article yüksek determinates a significant price hike rather than a high limiting price hike, with the CPI and new control over the average price of domestic production (D-PPI) for 12 months at the exchange rate. The PPI record for August 12 months was 18.78 per cent and 12.61 per cent respectively. This means that the customer who wants to rent a thousand pounds for his house must pay £ 188 up to September. This will increase in the period until August. If the CPI's rate rises to £ 126.

Visual result of rental hike rate

Has been tested for a long time?

When the rent increased 17.41 TEL in August, this would be increased by 2018. Across the country, the actual realty rate has increased by 60 percent a year. In the first eight months of 2018, rent increase was 10 percent. In June, the rental price rose 15.80 per cent to 16.41 per cent from the corresponding month last year.

Rent increase for 1 month

August 2017:% 10,94

September 2017:% 12.05

October 2017:% 13.26

November 2017:% 14,47

December 2017:% 15,38

January 2018:% 15,82

February 2018:% 15,66

March 2018:% 15,50

April 2018:% 15,35

May 2018:% 15,36

June 2018:% 15.80

July 2018:% 16,57

August 2018: 17.41%

How was the discounted charges for disclosure

The Turkish Statistical Institute (TUCK) announced the month-end month of December. In December, CPI fell by 0.40 per cent and annual production by 20.30 per cent.

In December 2018, 20.30 percent decreased compared to last year. 20.30 per cent year-on-year, down 0.40 per cent compared to 20.30 per cent in December. With an average of 16.33 per cent of the twelve months.

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Foods and beer are very rich

Among the major exports groups, the index comprised 0.78 per cent increase in various sectors, health 0.62 per cent, restaurants 0.31 per cent, alcohol and tobacco increased by 0.16 per cent.

The clothes and shoes cheated

In December 2018, 2.56 percent of transport, 0.25 percent of entertainment, culture, communications reduced by 0.13 percent and 0.06 percent of homeowners.

Highest rate in the homeholder groupIran

The CPI had a 28.80 per cent share in the same month last year and 25.11 per cent of food and alcoholic beverages. Housing Loans accounted for 23.73 per cent and the entertainment and cultural sectors grew by 20.86 per cent.

Highest price in both provinces

The statistical region units of Level 2 are Varghese (NRTS), the highest growth rate of TRA2 in the last year (Agri, Corse, Eagreer and Ardahan), which is 23.53%. At the Twelfth month average, TRAI (Hatay, Kahramanmaras, Osmaniye) grew by 18.26 per cent.

In December 2018, the index included 407 objects; As the average price for commodities continued to remain unchanged, at an average price of 202 items, the average price decreased by 161.


These are the main indicators in Turkey – the most important value of economic value in the CPI Gaimankulam region.

What is CPI?

The CPI, consumer price index Thanks to the ugly inflation. Calculation of statistics institute rifle values. The rifle acts to compare the previously purchased item with the value of a pre-paid service.

The CPI estimates that, in the one-year mass, represents an example of how to represent Turkish goods and services to Turkey. In addition, the weight of all goods and services is determined.

What is WPE?

Total price index It includes all the raw materials of the goods we use. Therefore, this is an indication of the overall price increase for the wholesale items.

What is the difference between the CPI and the WTO?

Tefe and Tuff are typically comparison with each other. These indices show different values.

If the cost of cost increases is shown in the Teff, the tume shows the demand direction of the price hike.

Changes and tech walks in the price of a particular stock like Tutorial, which is already included in the index.

One of the most important things that separates Thefak from Touffe is that the consumer price index is directly dependent on the price of the products. On the other hand, the Wholesale Price Index for raw materials and semi-finished products are computed.

Tefay's range is broader than the Tuff.

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