Monday , June 5 2023

Heavy metal poisoning!


The family doctor suggests avoiding natural methods from the use of WHO and the use of agricultural drugs for heavy metal poisoning. Semiog Gokert, heavy metal poisoning is in progress.

He said that the recent heavy toxin poisoning has increased rapidly. Over the last 10 years, nearly 25 percent of the US population faces heavy metal issues.

Why DNA Damage?

The age and the ages for older and younger people in the list is more and more hard work. "These substances can collect tissue and cause indirect damages, which can cause serious poisoning and can cause cancer due to DNA defects," he said.

Warning to handle broken kitchen and firearms!

The main components of heavy metal poisoning are to control the growth and development of the world's population growth, long term sustainability, change from agricultural natural methods and the seeds and drugs used here. Gokhart continued: "Drugs used in farming, pesticides, culinary products, filings, cosmetics and contaminated water are the most important sources of heavy metal poisoning, attention and disadvantages of personal consumption (teflon kitchen supplies, scratch, waste containers, detergents,Jnata products, products, peyinrukal used kalippattannalil) The main reasons for this problem.

Where are the assemblies coming?

Heavy metallic poisoning also explains headaches, fatigue, muscle pain, indigestion, constipation, anemia, lack of coordination, and dizziness. But "unfortunately, these symptoms are not enough recognition for the society, but when the sensory and diagnostic techniques of the WHO develop, it becomes clear that the diagnosis of diagnosis has become more apparent.

The most effective treatments for treatment

"The most difficult part of treatment is creating a treatment protocol," said the doctor. Food, supplements and vitamins can be used to remove lockers. But the majority of the metal can not be discharged without the help of the body's exertion (kidneys, liver, intestines, lungs, skin). We know that the position and character of the bloated metal can be known through methods (such as special painting). It is known that the damage to the organs of the anthropomorphic nervous system is particularly important in all organs.

"Until the body is finished"

After receiving some precautions to take nutritional pisakukalkketire geakartt, "Cosmetics must pay attention to the content of the products, caution should be altered to remove the Amalia phillinnukal. Although the Delphic pan, ceramics, steel, striped (we are actually steel and nickel), importing cheap goods, low Paints, Anonymous A. Pannannalute ceramic panels, such as aluminum foil products at risk. Do not use the kitchen (especially cutakunna purposes), "he said.

What wires are strengthening?

Wednesday: It affects the function of the kidney and liver especially the brain.

Lead: It will harm the nervous system and bone tissue.

Aluminum: This can cause problems to memory alarms from Alzheimer's.

Copper: Like the zinc we can reduce the amount of useful elements we need.

Arsenic: Liver, kidneys, and lungs can cause damage.

Fluoride: Steps in the teeth may lead to bone weakness.

Cadmium: It can cause kidney, nervous system, lung rays, and bone tissue destruction. It affects hypertension.

Nickel: DNA damage can result in allergic reactions.

Zinc: Reduce calcium, copper and iron absorption.

Manganese: This can cause neurological discovery such as Parkinson's.

Chrome: GI disorders, liver inflammation, lung cancer, allergy sensitivity will be increased.

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