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Food giant Friedo was a papy

Two years before fundraising
FRIYGO-Pakistan Gadda Madelaeri San. And the fly. The AŞ works for about 40 years. The company's manufacturing center is in Ainegal, Bursa. Fruit juice, canned and frozen products are the major part of the company's production. The majority of the company is owned by its founder Ali Heyder Gusaloo and Duizen Tarim Urleley. The company, which has 45 per cent stake in public sector enterprises, has entered the financial recession two years ago.

14 push returns
Two years ago, the company filmed a case of bankruptcy. The company's next verdict will be decided by the court. Titan of the Istanbul Anatolia 8th Azilia. 14 trial proceedings in court.

TRAVEL Survivalance
Last seen yesterday's case. The court has criticized the trial court for firing at the Pakistani court. The court ruled that the company was going out of the debt trap and decided to: The bank suspended all the interference due to the deficit of bankruptcy and ended the case.

We are right
Ali Haydar Guzlou, founder of Frau Pakistan, said about Hurriyat: "We were not bank loans. We have always been familiar with each other for years. They have a great devotion to us and, again, our customers have a great support, and we have not written a single verification and letter till now. We left after 35 years, and we are the company that exports 85% of our products.

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Food giant Friedo was a papy

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