Thursday , November 14 2019
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Flash claim less than fuel oil

In a statement, some dealers say that the fuel price was a reflection of the Pump.

Yaser said this was an opportunistic. "7 larr is foreign currency deficits, but there are beneficiaries of the difference." I amFades used.

Ignoring opposition to the opportunist,

"The fuel price is related to foreign currency, but they are not going downstairs, the reason for not falling is the cause of the opportunity, and in the case of various commodities.

Yassar said that people should notify the authorities of the people who reflect the price at the pump.

Ali Ufuh Yassar said of the progress of the economy:

"Our calls for reconstruction of the Council of Economic and Social Councils must be to collect all relevant information on this subject and declare common statements on the current economic situation and consequences. .

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