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Dr. Gokpinar: Antibiotics are used in fever and cold


Drugs, such as the Merkana Bruce Hospital Internal Medicine Specialist, which prevents unwanted use of antibiotics. "Antibiotics are not effective against viruses due to viruses and nudity, and therefore antibiotics are not used for diseases like infection, infection, and viruses, the right time is to use antibiotics," said the bookkeeper Gokpinier.

In the early 20th century antibiotics were first discovered. In the 21st century, plague of the most bacterial infections and hundreds of bacterial infections in the 21st century have indicated that even the antibiotics are not a serious threat. Medina Bruce Hospital Internal Medicine Specialist Booklet Gokpinar, "Today, Antibiotics is one of the most effective tools in tackling bacterial infections and is widely used," he said.

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It is not effective against viruses and diseases caused by nudity. Dr. Dr. Bukkarr geakpinar, "and therefore, aqueous diseases, fever, ksayareagannalum, the immune system is not used antibiotics, and more. The disease, development, localization, the current risk profile of the patient, the care and treatment plan, antibiotics and drugs used in various types of elements to pick up the drugs Cooker Naman.reagikal look at him personally.

It produces immunity in bacteria

In our country, the worst drug use of antibiotics reminds me of the growth of resistance to the wrong and widespread use of antibiotics in bacteria. Diseases that have developed bacteria resistant to Dr. have begun to seriously threaten worldwide, especially in patients with intensive care and vulnerable immune system. Considering this information, development of social awareness is very important in the use of antibiotics, "he said.

& # 39; non-communal antibiotics should not be used in food industry & # 39;

Do not worry about the unwanted use of antibiotics. Bekek Gokpinar should not be used without physiotherapy without antibiotics, Treatment of antibiotics should not be stopped, Use antibiotics should be avoided by food industry. Proper antibiotic after proper diagnosis should be given at best optimum dos at appropriate intervals during appropriate intervals, "he said.

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