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Deposit period analysis from Central bank


Central Bank Turkey Blog "Center Diary" Analysis It has been observed that in the Republic of the Republic, since September, the Turkish litter (TL) of investments has been observed to be significant.

Central Bank's official blog published an analysis by "Center Diary", "The False of the Opening Regulation on the Deposit Deposits".

Large funding allocations increased by a moderate drop in opportunities to raise loans from foreign financial institutions. The source in the Turkish banking sector, the total funding analysis, is 50 percent above the deposits, and the total funding and financial stabilization allowance for investments from 2011 to domestic and foreign securities Investments have been kept important in the middle.

This is especially important in the time of deposit and investment period when considering fund quality.

An analysis of the long-term national currency denominations in the open accounts until 2 January 2013 indicates that rates of mortgages vary, and the Turkish lirra accounts for six months and continue to hold up to six months. With the expiration of one year to 12 years, it has reduced to 12% and reduced to 10% in long-term accounts.

Analysis of the interest was given to the interest rate provided for deposit accounts within three months after the President's decision came into force on August 31, 2010, to encourage Turkish liabilities and subsequent contributions. It has been reported.

Depending on the regulation, the interest rate on interest income from a year, August 31 or 30, 2018, or short term foreign currency deposits has increased or revised.

Upto November 30, 2018, interest rates for 25 years will be revised with unpaid tax rates for TL deposit accounts, adding 366 days turnover to one thousand TL. NetWare 225 will be replaced with client account TL 250 as long as the income tax pay rate is zero percent. The long-term deposit will be available on account of the increase in total revenue and the long term ten years. Expect to promote.
TL Deposit Maturity Distribution Development in the present era indicates long-term TL. The share of investments has increased. As of November 30, 2018, deposits of TEL increased by more than 99 per cent, with a maturity of 93 per cent and 6 months to 1 year maturity. In the same period, the contribution of 1-3 months deposits was 58 percent and the share of investment for 3-6 months was up from 132 percent to 7.4 percent. For six months of TL deposit, it was increased from 2.5% to 5%.

"TL deposit shows lengthy long lengths at maturity"

As a result, repairs of the limit were considered effective.

However, TL Investment Deposit shows the recent developments in interest rates, particularly the long-term interest rate after August.

Analysis includes the following reviews:

"This relative increase in long term loans may have contributed to the trend of savings in long term investments, the possibility of a decrease in interest rates and expected tax collection in the coming period. The tax rate is supporting the expansion of the term of maturity and supports the deficit reduction.

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