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Cut the cancer through the treatment of vitamin C

Truck art Mzii (TSM) sanats Ayla alar, the doctor who was in the stomach went to the doctor. Cancer in the stomach prevented cancer after endoscope. On the stomach tmr, the liver. He can not let the doctors get rid of his life. Ayla Aller, who defeated Cancer for medical treatment of medical oncology Dr. Mutlu Daimir's genetics.

Arcolar accepted me

He said the first part of cancer was killing cancer before cancer. Even if this situation is thrown out of pankalam, Essel's fear can not escape.

53 This is the place where the town is at the side,

"When I first heard about it, kzm yanmdayd and dignity came when I hid, but i can not hide my fear 31. My mind is immediately clear, I went to the next GN regeneration crisis, I like them with my friends, after the concert kp arclar syledi I had two.

ESEL SALIIMA KAVUTUM will not be deleted

He said that he got a new life with Alar and Dr. Muthu Dimitra.

"The happiest teacher will not make me better than the surgery" "The art was applied to the old Salma Kautua treatment, now miracle arkin Seyvelsgue, a miracle to be done, is a miracle, and I'm waiting for Kartakam Jin Sabraslas," he said.


He said about 328 gene analyzes of genetics in Mutual Demer's genitals in Medicine, International Istanbul Hospital Medical Oncology.

Demeter explained the therapy:

"For the first time in Calais, we had to undergo chemotherapy for the first time, and I thought I would treat and design.

I wanted to treat high blood sugar levels instead of chemotherapy. Vitamin C has a high level of treatment and increases the safety and side effects of vitamin C, as well as increased efficacy. 25 g Vitamin C preparations, including the FDA, are an immediate untreated treatment.

LK Advani Kemator Writer for Every Grammy Baldick

Ayla alar, 3 times a week high vitamin C, 2 weeks, the number of chemotherapy dermes, and the development of liver enzymes and functions after early chemo therapy.

Ayla Hanma re-biopsy and genetic mapping was not a part of the chemotherapy, we changed our tactics and refused to treat a particular treatment, and the real profile was a complete analysis of 328 genes.

Traditional, Modern Medicinal BR

"The provinces will be the cancerous hand," he said.

Hyperdeda II needed to be repaired, damaged by DNA in tmr cells, and even protects against normal cells. We decided to consume high amounts of vitamin C and high doses, a tablet or a bottle of vitamin C in the first 3-4 years. It is completely natural in life. This is a significant decrease in time for uncontrolled controls. This treatment shows that using the latest techniques, new treatments and traditional treatments will be more successful.

The patient is totally free. The abdomen and the girlfriend disappeared completely. Cancer tmrne point, we will improve the person we suggest using the highest levels of vitamin C vitamins.

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