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CHP-Good party between Ankara, Antalya, and the Mercedes crisis

Haberturk writer Muharrem Sarikaya, CHP and Good Party talk about the collaboration between the two parties. "It's hard to say that it's not a bit brag, but it's not excessive," he said.

The following terms were used in his essay:

"If the Good Party Continues, the CHP is favorable to end the discussions, some members have been told on the eve of the FMC meeting on the previous day."

Huberturk writer Nahanan Alkhi wrote in his article "CPP-Good Party in Front, a result of negotiations and a two-point relationship, Ankara and Mercy." Used expressions.

3 am in the Ambassador

Details of the ongoing "election cooperation" between the CPI (M) and the Gohagri Party. Good party; In Ankara, Antalya, and Mersin, he realized that demand was needed for his candidacy, but the CAP governing field did not yield any results in the field. In any of the prestigious metropolitan cities of CPP, "one candidate C.

According to a report by Seattle Yemen on Millia, the CHP-Good Party officially presented November 13 a major week of co-operative negotiations. Technical experts will be expected to complete within a week, and will decide on the final meeting of Kelakkadaro gangue and Axner meet.

"Can not find a result"

According to the information received, the good party was primarily directed by the CHP candidate in Angkor and a good party supported the candidate. Good party, if this request is not accepted as another option; Marseille, Anthony, sought support for Manesville. CHP management; Ankara, Merzin and Andréia offer the offer "on the table is not on the table, but the basic results" are not hot.

The CHP management of Manisa, Kokai, Kaisiri, Konya, Barsa, Dinzili and Isparta recorded some metropolitan districts to support the "Positive" candidate.


In the CPP background, particularly in Ankara, Mercedin and Antalya, interpreted in the absence of a "particularly busy" contract. In the crisis, failing to overturn the barriers, there can be no negotiation with a co-operation, and each party can decide on their candidates.

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