Monday , May 29 2023

Breaking News | Fenerbahce in the ‘Opportunity’ competition


Chanarya and Besiktas are disappointed with his defeat and if he wins today, the leader will have to catch Alayaspor, because it would have been a defeat that would have boosted his score to 23. 8 players will not be able to play in yellow and blue before this crucial match.

Fenerbahce will be the guest of United Denislispor in the Super League today. The Yellows, who lost 4-3 to Besikta in the Derby last week, will increase their score to 23 if the Navy team wins today, and will tie the score with leader Aitemis Alanaspor, who ended the week with a defeat. In Fenerbahce, along with the suspended Gustavo, Lemos, Ademi, Perotti and Samata, who are still injured, Naseem, Harun and Sinan, who have a lack of training, will not play. In Denislispor, Saqab, Oscar and Dosavi were injured.

Errol Bullet, the technical head of the yellow and navy blue, said in a weekday discussion with football players that they should move forward without loss until the 15th week of ‘bye’. In the process, the Bullet said he wanted to win the matches of Denisley, Yeni Malathya, Gaziantep and Bakakehir.

Motivational Eden Tweet

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On the other hand, the title ‘Remember’, which was removed earlier this week from the Denislispore club’s official Twitter account and later deleted, is reported to be an additional source of inspiration for Fenerbahce. The tweet referred to the Denisley match of 2005-06, when Fenerbahce lost the championship 1-1, and Volken Demirel, Mehmet Ure Railo, Mehmet Yosgatoule and Seleuk Ahin, who were on the team at the time, inspired the players by telling them what had happened.

Breaking News |  Fenerbahce in the 'Opportunity' competition

Breaking News |  Fenerbahce in the 'Opportunity' competition

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