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Bkm announces October 2018



There are 142 million debit cards issued by Turkey in October 2008 and around 66 million credit cards. New data 25.4 million people watched a credit card 2.2 credit card with average cardiac surveillance.

Announcement of the 2017 Interbank Card Center (BKM) According to the bmw data, Turkey's October debut of 65.7 million credit cards ended at 141.9 million debit cards. As of October 2017, the number of credit cards has increased by 7% and the bank cards by 11%.

In October, card payments increased by 21%
According to BKM data, 71.8 billion TL debit cards and credit cards are closed in October. With this amount, 62.9 billion credit cards were used and 8.9 billion debit cards were used. With the growth rate, payment of debit card was 36% over the same period last year. For credit card payments it was 19 per cent. The total card payment was 21%.

We carry two credit cards in our wallet
The Association of Turkey on the coast of August 2018 has a credit card of about 25.4 million people, according to the Risk Center released in August 2008. When it comes to accounting, 55.5 million credit cardholders in Turkey and their physical card appear to move their KDE 2.2 credit cards an average of 61,7 million private credit card totals.
BKM General Manager This value shows that there are extra cards for cardholders who need health care or desirable and high potential requirements and do not need more cards than they need.

Two of the five adults are credit card holders
Dr. Sonner Chanco said, "There are about one million credit cards in the age group of 59 million and 43 per cent of adults in the UK have one or more credit cards, we see that 2017, 41 percent level, and a significant improvement over economic inclusion has a 43 percent increase. Struggle against the economy Bill, we need to increase the car ownership will go a very long course.
The General Card Payment Index has seen an average growth of 12 months, which is marginally 20.4% and 5.6% in October. The home card payments average growth of 12 months for Index was 17.7 percent, compared to October 1, when the real growth was just over a year ago.

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