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Ahmann kural Seela Jenkoglu incident for last minute development Zila and Ahmet Kaur will also ask for decisive questions


A new progress has been made in searching for the cracks between famous singer Zila Jencoglou and player Ahmad Kaur.

According to the DHA The prosecutor's office has filed a complaint against the investigating file of the inquiry, the attack on "ablut", "drugs", "intentional wounded" and the attack on Ahmad Kural, algebra and mental torture. In the settlement bureau, the parties will ask each one, will they ask if they accept it?

If the parties agree, the investigation file will be closed with the decision that it should not prosecute. If you do not compromise crimes such as "intentionally hurt", "threatening" and "insulting" with up to five years imprisonment for filing a case against Ahmad Kurah. The final decision of the inquiry will be provided by the Settlement Office Prosecutor.

These programs were held

Artist Selah was attending the court with her lawyer, Spean Eposdimer. A complaint has been filed with the police that the violence and algebra from Ahmel Kural have been molested in the past week. Ahmet Kaur was quoted as saying in the scope of the inquiry.

Sila Expression

"When I was flowing into places, my head stuck on the walls, and when I tried to escape, Ahmet took up the reins, shook my head with the athletes, struck me with serious grievances and suppressed 45 minutes," he said.

Ahmad Kaur and Sila Zila are trying to get out of their home and reveal themselves of themselves. This is again a fight. At this time the door was opened and escaped. When his driver arrived, the driver saved him. Immediately after the incident, he approached his housemaid and found his maid. Zila was informed about the attack on the police station. Her bodies were found by the wounded bodies. The famous singer later applied to the prosecutor's office.

The synonym of Ahmad Kaur

Ahmet Kural said:

Four months after her departure, Mrs. Sila sent me a message, calling me to make peace and reconciliation. I did not return to messages or calls because I did not want to start a connection. Sıla Hanım, with a message, I & # 39; ve sang you a song & # 39 ;. I sent the song on my phone. I was happy there. I thought second would give me a chance. She wanted to have dinner because she did not find her sister, so I was happy and I accepted. That day we had a family dinner and we ate alcoholic. We sat down in the kitchen and chatting. During the conversation, I divided this topic before. Each time I had difficulty believing that they gave different answers. She was earlier her old friend and said that she had met up for the cover of the album on another occasion, and once said she was beautiful. For this reason I opened the separation problem. They said, "We've come from my mother and father, our relationship is going well, and we want to build a family, if you have that, you have a kid with me. When I say, & # 39; I wanted to break your life, we were together & He said. The discussion started. I was very bad. I poured boiling water on my head. I asked Zilla Hani to immediately get home. I called his driver. I told Zila Haniim to stay at least one person. But she did not want to go home, so she inspired me to tell me so much lies, and we should not be together. But he did not go home. We were in the kitchen at this time. When I'm called Mrs. Cili's Driver on my phone, & # 39; Sila Hainym & # 39; Take hold of my wolves, & # 39; I'm asking for 10 to 15 times & # 39; It is not. He did not call me and did not call me. During this time, I took my hand with my hand and Silah Haniem fell to the ground. And I will rise from the table, and the entrance to the kitchen. Mrs. Zila tried to stop me from carrying my shirt. I took my shirt again and I rescued me, fell back down and I went to the living room. Mrs. Sila came from behind. There was a mutual sanctification, and I agree that our voices have risen. I did not say a good word. I did not threaten me. We were drinking at that time. We both joined hands with each other and shook with one another. He fell down on the ground a few times. This discussion was about fifteen minutes long. 45 minutes of negotiations and violence did not happen, and after a while we were calm and went to the kitchen where I stayed in the hall.

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