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132. Latest episode Dirisilas Erurguril 133. New Episode Trailer – TRT 1 – News – Breaking News


Dirilsş Ertuğrul 133's screens of TRT 1 popular series. New episode trailer? Viewers on the screen every Wednesday described Lotus Ertügülle as the foundation of the Ottoman Empire. The latest resonant Erdhug has made the latest developments in the last episode. After the final chapter of the resurrection, Diriliş Ertuğrul 133. Waiting for the new episode trailer. Using his moves to restore the Mongols, he rescued Alibi and Sena from Uranus and Drogosu. Can evil be able to take the gold on the right side of the people? Diriliş Ertuğrul 133. The new episode trailer has not been published yet, but once you have the trailer released, you can watch from our news.

In the last chapter, Darrius is the living person

Using his moves to restore the Mongols, he rescued Alibi and Sena from Uranus and Drogosu. Can evil be able to take the gold on the right side of the people? In Irgurul, in the Sırima case, Elbage has not been chosen as a wife. What is the reason behind this decision of Ertugural? Does this marriage come to the conclusion? What does Erguru's explaining to his children? What will Erupu Gurul do in the background of a zealous response to this marriage? What would he do in this unexpected situation, when he thinks Erurgal would like him?

Can Ertuguru be punished against this? Will he ask for Arctic Revenge from Buttadin? Who really knows what Albasti actually is? What will you do to kill Erthu Guru? Will Ertu Gurgul eliminate these games?

Resurrection Ertguru Series Topic:

Ergürrale Bay, who had fierce fighting with the Mongols, had to leave the brothers to pursue the Kutlu case. Ayyathur Guru Bay, Kailar believes that after this separation, he was on the road. In a difficult situation, Kayiki progressed to the border of Karakadağ and was waiting for a completely different world. Their new home offers them different climates, different earths and different people. He knew that Edgurul Beck would have more powerful and more brutal enemies on the way to his sacred duty. Was his sword sharp to defeat his new enemies?

Ertugul Bay is in another world. He wanted more of the mind, courage, and forgiveness than leads the world. The new methods of succession were discovered for a stronger and more cruel resurrection. Because of the Babylonian confusion, Simon was powerful and strong enough to kill a sword. Simone is not alone. Was Eight Gurul Bay studying Muslims who supported Zimon? The hell was Ergurl Bay. The swords kept silence from it. Can He Protect Him from Fire's Fire?

The Palestinian Khader was a dormitory of many Turkese people. But Çavdaroğlu Obası, was actually a tutor, was among the strongest. They captured their power from Canterbury. Failure did not tolerate and ruled with the iron ore. Over the years, her strength, Kenard Bay, is the biggest experiment with children. Barn's eldest son, Ural, wants the fate of Oba. Will the tension between Chendoraglu and the Kai Obasis be able to prevent Kandar Bay's moves? Ertugrul Bay, Çavdaroğlu Obas never expect to threaten offers. Then, where and how will the kailer, the cheddaragari road crash? It is hoped that every decision of Erguru will be new for both men and women.

Now is the ruler of the Etu Guri Obox. Obada had new problems. He was tired of migration and trapped between his land and his soul. This inspection is not easy for them. Ertugura Bay who fought against the enemy was waiting for new problems. Can they save the kailar units separated by their dear and famine?

At one glance, Ertugural had only one goal of the game, passion and mind games. As a tool for the resurrection of a people.

Where is the deforestation taken?

Some parts of the resurrection Ertugul series are held in Istanbul, Bakos and Rewa. The resurrection started in the first season of the Etukurul Riva and Bayak Kundoora Factory 2 Plateau. Sulaiman Shah has an area of ​​40,000 square meters and has a total area of ​​600 sq m and has 35 tents installed under the original tender. The Ertuğrul Resurrection meydan has 12 different sized open shops, 1 km long, one locomotive square and a training hall. The Bekos Kundara factory, built by Aleppo, Aleppo palace, distribution room, guest rooms, corridor, dunes, caritown area, celljac volt, temples, chambers, tents and tents has a 6000 m wide area. The Hull Bazaar on the Kundara factory has an area of ​​5000 square meters of open area, inside the fort, Sulaiman Shah, Temple, corridor, corridor, and worship.

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