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UEFA Champions League Portugal-Poland November 20, 2018


Tuesday, 20 November, 2018

UEFA Champions League


Time: 2:45

Fields: Estadia ammonose enrich


Thailand prize: Portugal is half and plus 87.0

12/10/18 Nations League Poland 2 – 3 Portugal

01/07/16 Poland Poland 1 – 1 Portugal

Portugal 0 – 0 Portugal

09/09/07 Europa Portugal Portugal 2 – 2 Poland

Europa Cup Poland 2 – 1 Portugal

17-11, 18: Italy 0-0 (away) Nations League

Scotland's victory 3-1 (away) is friendly

Poland won the 3-2 (away) Nation League

11/09/18 Italy 1-0 (home) Nations League

Croatia 1-1 (home) friendly

Chess 0-1 points lost 16/11/18

15/101/8 Italy 0-1 (home) Nation League lost

Portugal will lose the Portuguese League (2-3)

Ireland 1-1 (home) friendly match

09/09/18 Japan 1-0 (Central zone) World Cup

"Futori" under the name of Fosto Santa Santos is continuously in the best form. 3 victories won the 0-0 match in Italy, and have always won 1 champions. Cristiano Ronaldo is not available for the game, but he asks for the break, but the defense will return to the team. This is possible by Bruno Fostina, Marie, Ade, Gonzalo, Rai and Raphael Guerra.

Poland is under the Sevente Sebastian Barzak. To play this game, 3 games have been played to play 3 times to lose 1 to 2 points. Getting this game does not mean that Robert Lavandowski can not lead a painful withdrawal. The remaining core in this team is still there. Archdiocese, Mitsim, Pittor Selinski, Yakis Gokolsky, Kamila Groviki, Kamikki.

Portrait (4-3-3): Beta – Zedric Soros, Louis Tarro, Kep, Raphael Garreo – Bruno Fostus, Mario, Renata Sánchez – Rafa Silva, Ander, Gonzalo Guz

Trainer: Fernando Santos

Polish (4-4-1-1): Wojcich Chessani – Bartos Berensky, Kamalik, Yanadk, Tomas Zac Crossover – Damian Samanski, Jaysk Gorski, Kamil Grochich – Pyot Selinski – Mattes Clichi – Archie Mitchell

Trainer: Bir Biscuchech

Not two teams have won. The main reason for the rest. But Portugal is the most nest. Make good reconciliation. Good to repair. Greater Poland after postpaid forms. Problem game is a waste. I should look a very high chance.

Score: Portugal won Poland 2-1.

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