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TN 2424 Channel 16 is all the truth.

"Lorraadine" or "Allergic Allergy" from the drug is a medicine that is sold to pharmacies. Increase access to patients. Reduced Volume of Drug Use of drug label is safe.

The drug "loradadine" or "drug allergies" from the drug to sell the drug (November 28, 61) from control of the condition. This creates some anxiety in the pharmacist.

Recently Dr. Surachok explained the Deputy Secretary General of Yuvvid Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The side effects of the drug committee were observed and monitored by the side effects for security reasons. Laurate deafness seems to have side effects. In the United States, these drugs are over 10 years old, and Thailand's population ranges from 10 to 30%. Do not wait to see the doctor ahead. Reduce the burden of the hospital.

Each panel will be reduced to 10 tablets, do not use more than 2 panels, and other containers are not as dangerous as the previous ones. Do not worry about continuous use. Pharmaceutical companies have confirmed the status adjustment to increase sales.

That's the concern. "Lorraine Descorant" stores are available. Or pharmacists without any pharmacists, deputy general general patients can learn about their attributes and how they can be used. The precautions for taking medications from the label.

There are needs. In label, the drug should only label allergies. Do not minimize snow snail. This prevents the use of drugs and drug use. In the past, some patients used nose to replace the drug. It does not affect symptoms. Minister for Public Health, Prof. Dr. The following procedure will be handed out as an entrepreneur rather than a piagas. Signed and used. In the meantime, criteria need to be adjusted according to criteria for the company that produces the drug. It is expected that 1-2 months for the delivery of new drugs in pharmacy.

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