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The FIG. Goddess Sarong "


The FIG. Goddess Sarong "

Screenplay :
Direction : Clear Unnamed
Producer : Mind
Production Director : Pachapappan Puthiyai
Production control : Man hacking – Sutath Thavari
Broadcast date : Every Monday – Friday from Sunday 4 pm to 5pm at IPM HD 47pm at 5pm BeautyClub HD
Broadcasting period : First Thursday, November 22, 2018

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The heir has the right to claim that the owner of the silk cloth factory can handle the factory. Emergency home management is essential. I love my friends and my friends. Three Ideas. The fashion show and beauty of the loincloth competition beauty. The goddess in the province represents. Thai factory sponsored.

Three young men planning their job. Meet me this beautiful girl in the competition. Grandmother always encourages grandparents. The wife of Pagoda and the stranger used their influence until Pagoda's beauty contest succeeded. But it is against people's eyes. Nalin Division is very happy. Unhappy Grandmother. I went to the Kaman Praksh. This creates a hatred. The village problem has been solved. Inviting two beautiful women and nuns at the provincial level.

A manager in the competition for the goddess of the feud, gives the girls a heart to win the beauty queen, and Nalin and his companions are still an opposite. Nlin was seen as a favorite of the contestants. I do not know what to do, but I do not know how to do that. Wait for the competition in the meeting and the meeting.

Ponson secretly liked Nolan's brother Comon's side. Nalinkomal Path and Bonkkodu are also an important opponent. Get a chance to talk to Ekakai. Hugging a dancer. Stay with her brother Because Nalin is fraternal.

Bankkot is famous for a long time with Commonwealth. Commonwealth is a young farmer who teaches villagers about the cultivation of vegetables and crops under the Royal Initiative. He earned a degree in Bangkok and Commonwealth. The couple are very close.

In the competition section, Nalin trains her dancer and sends her followers. The scene was stingy in the competition, and Nini was removed from the competition, and she contested to contest for her sister Nalin. Bossy holds a position and I do not know what to do.

While trying to find the truth that you are silent to find evidence in the innocent, the competent god, Saturn Patham, no doubt took the position. The problem is messy. Everyone has forgiven. There is a fashion show there. Promote Thai handloom products

Actor list

Tiraawat Ruwanaghan (O): Ekkaiai

Suifappu Ubal Rozya (Jasam): Path

Fawwachan Singoan (Win): PURA

Nalin Runguram (Ning): Nalin

Napareth Initiative (Peak): Commonwealth

Punnappattu Suwannarat (Pava's): Bongot


Tidat Srisree (A): Mediator

Nattappan Ratanaphone (Pant): Current

Molinskyk Kitirat (Emmy): Anan Dancer

Getty Images: Mr. Marianne

Boon Rung Tonge (a): Mr. Ikat

Thanappan Opaschakhorn (thirteen): Khun

Thanan Kadikua (Rose): Mother

Wong Corn Kicking (Panniers): Kamin Proke

Nopadtern Crewung Evam (The idea of ​​grandma): Mamalai

Uppsala Patri (Female): Me Sarasin

Siri Chuan Chanzi (Doll): Madam

Peshawar Wangdahan (Majo): Peshawar

Tiprayat Preity (Bel): Natavadasa

Chachawan parnin (ring rings): Anarya

Papasone Tang Udo Ratanakol (Propeller): Parallels
Tiraawat Ruwanaghan (O): Ekkaiai

Thanin Hiranyamorphan (stars): Fahrenheit

Noppatappu Appearance (New): Neptune

Trinidone (fat): recess

Laat minhutt: mait

M NewtonTongTong (Master): Honor

Conducting Amir Ram (Coke): Bella

Takak Tsanaman Masurian (MOF Fukker): Anti mountain

Patranapattan Passport (Love You): Little

Ley (India): Gibraltar

Reply miqia (kiki): tails

Girard flower (golf): dark

Joe Life Coach Love Yes: Joe Life Coach

Korath Nattappornan (Ken): Peerapat

Saranya Wangkunthun (Premier): Premier

Sorry, but I do not know what to do.

Saja grooping (Yong June): Yong Yat

Tilippa (Deer) in the patching: sweet water

More actors.

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