Friday , May 14 2021

The case was filed against a bank for a 1.6 million refund.

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The woman filed a complaint with the bank. 1.6 million people allotted a recruiting contract to a number of banks. Later, in the smartphone of the villains he was betraying the call center guard to apply for internet banking through the application. Then the bank withdraws over 1.6 million in 8 days without warning. Do not check for extra money transfers. A case of civil suit was filed along with two accused, 7.5 per cent per annum.

The woman has filed a case against civil society. On November 15, the Rashtrapee Road Road, 37, SIAM Commercial Bank PSL (SBB) and SIAM Commercial Bank Asset Management (SBB) have failed to comply with the terms and conditions of the agreement. On August 15, 2006, an accused opened the account and opened the SBB EC card with the accused in the branch. On June 26, 2007, the accused opened a unit trading service. On September 14, 2014, the Special Investigation Team (SBB) opened on Central Rama 9 Branch on 29th June, 2559 at the MG Jai branch. So a professional deposit service, Internet banking or pension of financial transactions through ECE or Easy Net. Safety and data access control should be ensured. User Authentication Service. To cooperate with bank and Thailand and nomination. But the opposite was ignoring it. Cause damage.

In December 2560 there was a criminal call center. For example, fraudulent information removes scams, for example. You can apply for Internet banking by using the application on your smartphone's ID card number. Entry into financial transactions with the embassy channel. The money was withdrawn several times in eight days from December 27, 2017 to January 4, 2018. According to the culprits group, between 10,000 and 373,000 baht, Names of open to provinces. Money transfer is unusual. The accused did not understand this warning, but later learned to solve internet banking system.

The action of the protest was a reward as an investor. Be sure to monitor data access. Not enough to use. Use more precautions than other investors. In the 1,670,200 bid, the bank lost interest on 7.5 percent interest. On February 16, the court ordered to appear before the court on February 62.

That's a good thing. This has happened since last year. I called the call center. Prosecute me to buy land. First of all, make a financial transaction or ask for a code to access the phone banking app. After that, it knows. Money deposited in the bank has been changed several times. The bank is not responsible for returning to the bank. Today come to court as a public user. The bank needs a standard approach. Especially if you find it. Unusual transactions need to be verified or verified by the account holder to prevent damage. Every time you sign in for a transaction. The account owner must have a message or email. But this case does nothing. You need to check my account to find out how much money you are losing.

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