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Shock! Poisoning is the use of smoke in over 15 million drugs.


Do you know … Thai people are diagnosed with cancer A stroke of up to 6,500 people annually causes severe lung diseases due to poison from the smokers

Based on the World Health Organization organization in Thailand, a survey of Thai state in the year 2014 has been found 15.2 million peopleIn 2015, surveillance was reported by the World Health Organization at the World Health Organization. Smoke is smoking from 3 Thai schools.

What is the penalty for the second smoke? There are still some. A cigarette smoker should still have enough of this. But in fact, cigarettes get older for a long time smokeless smokers' smoke. So you smoke. Husbands or perfumed children walk the poison without knowing it

In order to see more pictures we would like to give examples from kids' families and poison the second poison

Story 1 "Ignorance will make me wander" From Khun Woropole Sansakate / Nong Pulum to Dr. Pride

It is about the mother who smoked before she was pregnant. But when he was smoker, he began to breathe like a whistle from the throat to the old age. The mother told me that she was very sad and her mother wanted to quit smoking. Now, she tried to pick up some smoke.

Topic 2 "Children's Holidays" Khoon Chirath Husari / Nong Ern – Dr. SiriVimonal Siri

The story told by Chirath Hazari began to enter the heart of Ernst from about 4 to 5 years old, and he spread the fever. The doctor said it would be bronchitis. Cigarette smoked that he did not think that cigarette smoking smoked cigarettes and smoked cigarette smoke. When I smoke, I played with my son. Which cigarette baby is worse

"He said," I love dad, and I want to be with you for a long time with me. " I broke up because I was encouraging me to quit smoking and mean cigarettes and other people's lives. Not only us but "

Story 3 "Around the Smoke" Khun Sompon from Pattanaucon / Austin – Thanutham Fathanasushan

Father 2-3 years old Sonopon Pattanchen said that Austin was a gas when he was 2-3 years old. It is used to breathe and strain in the mouth because it causes cigarette smoke. Austin's sister praises all. When he came to find his grandchildren, he played with his grandchildren, and his grandparents

Topic 4 "Say each other, we will not smoke" Khun Vanidha Chosonai / Ammar Sad

Vanitha Chunanshai told him that the 4-storeyed building is an Air-chamber. It takes time to smoke and smoker cigarette smoke. Can you avoid smoking by saying that there was a very strong breath on one of the neighbors?

"When we saw our children weighed down, he helped reduce cigarette smoking, deny smoking and do not improve the health of people around you."

Story 5 "Love of Love" Shanita Nakhan / Nong Bose – Thanotol Q-Namam

Bose is an unborn baby named Bose (Thanotol Qu-Naum). The lungs are not strong. There will be a lot of farmers, such as cigarette smoke, and stimulating children at smokers. There will be a lot of farmers until breathing. Today, spray every morning and evening.

"We live in a paradoxical society, sometimes people smoke at balconies, smells smell when cigarette is not good, but smell does not seem to be this long sign We know that people are smokers for so long, but cigarettes are really dangerous for children.

Finally, if you know of the story above, you'll be concerned about your children, in the end, the hearts, the kids, the love to create love, the determination to capture cigarettes, and the reduction of smoking today, it should not be too late.
Those who want to quit smoking can call. And free data is 1600 or so

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