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Share Roan fishing and electric styles. Coral Reef, Racha Island

Phuket News Center – Share with him! The government claims "Go-Eco Phuket Volunteer Spirit" to solve the problem. Richard Noi was fishing fishing nets before reaching the sea after being discovered by Rowan fish and electric styluses.

On the evening of this evening (January 31), the "Go-Echo Phoenix Volunteer" on a Facebook page posted a slide and video clip of 0.49 seconds. The body was found in Rukki Noi Phuket. Go to this afternoon (31/1/62) Eco Fukate volunteer network reported that the tourists came down near the island of Rauza Bay, Moussa Bay, around 11 meter deep. The roots have been identified with a straight, clear head and electric stick. It is clear that the dead on the street is lying dead

Therefore, he returned to the ship to pick up the pictures and found that this fish is still fish, and it certainly looks like fish. It can not be used because food is not common, and in the vicinity of the fish found in the area, find nearby cut scrap pieces.

The discovery of these two types of larvae is estimated at the loss of rare animal resources in Thailand. If you have not seen for the past two months in the Phuket, you should go to Black, visit Pattani in Similan or Losin Island. Investing in this Government and Government How to Know Investment If you sell tourism, fishing will be done. On the one hand there must be a bad thing !! It may take some time. We will become a world-class tourist! Or global export fish! He chose world tourism in the Maldives. His fish is abundant. His seed is stable too !! "

However, many people have expressed their opinions after posting pictures and messages. Most do not agree with such actions. This will be a serious loss of natural resources

This is a genus of the canton of Ronnen Fish, a clear head, or a roan from the fish gun website Wikipedias. Renaubotos (Rhino Batos), a small Ronan fish, is found in Thailand on the Andaman Sea. Fishing boats can be taken 4-5 times per boat. A commercial fish sold under general marine fisheries

The Thai language is also known as the "fish" This is found in the Thai waters, such as electric striairs such as Temera hardwickii and Bourne Electric Style (Nursein Brunei). There is a flat, round body and has no heated power generated electric generated power. Phinninre closest together in groups located on the side of the eyes, jellies atuppamullatan pekrrearal has a material inside the body to produce electricity from the side of the work, as, under the control of the brain that are usually discharged from the top of the bath irakalayea akramikkappetumpealea ilaktrisi predators of Canaan, And destroys the enemies. People in the electric stigora, living in nature, usually reach 40-100 volts. Until drowning

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