Sunday , May 28 2023

Saturn alarm suggests a mosquito repellent as "dengue fever". Block mosquito breeds / mosquito breeds


Saturn "Dengue fever" is a "cutting-edge" circuit of Satan's Alarum mosquito. Use mosquito nets or mosquito nets to reduce mosquito breeding places to mosquito drink. Block mosquito breeds / mosquito breeds

Today (22 January) reporter said many parents still suffer from heart disease when the baby is dengue. Because he heard that dengue death would take place, it would be awesome, but at all stages of symptoms it would help to escape from the crisis

Dr. Saturn provincial health doctor has reported that the MDF has also been affected by the fever, and four kinds of dengue viruses have been used. Dengue fever is one of the most susceptible symptoms of dengue fever. Symptoms may be 3 steps.

Phase 1: High fever, fever rising, 2-7 days, when taking vaccinations, fever is often reduced Red face, red eyes, creeping, often losing appetite and vomiting Some people may have an epigraphic area or right ventilate or pain in the lower abdomen. Most of them should not be in the nose, chest, urine and urine in three days, and may be small red spots. Depending on the face, arms, legs, backpacks, texts, emotions, liver enlargement,

Stage 2: Gloomy and bleeding usually occur within 3-7 days, and the fever begins to decrease. However, the patient may have symptoms of bleeding, cooling, sweating, light pulses, and fast pains and can have bleeding in areas like bleeding from the skin. Nose, disease, bleeding, this phase lasts about 24-72 hours, and life becomes in danger if not treated immediately.

Step 3: Recovering periods in precise and time-care cases can be a good idea for patients to start to improve symptoms by modifying the chances of moderate exhaustion. Or can sit down

If the symptoms are symptomatic, only treatment can be followed by high fever, headache, appetite, bleeding or bleeding. 1. Use a damp cloth to wipe the body frequently if you have a high fever and relax. Give paracetamol anti-inflammatory when it is used as a pediatric patient (aspirin should not be used) Check the patient's condition as soon as possible before taking the drugs 2. Patient vomiting, shock or bleeding should be immediately sent to the hospital.

It is best to notify the parents to tell their parents whether they have menstrual periods or menstrual periods.

Currently there is no drugs to prevent dengue fever. Dengue fever can be prevented only by mosquito breaking. But it is difficult for parents to do mosquito mosquito breeding in migratory areas. Use mosquito drinking to reduce water sources and use mosquito nets or mosquito nets. Do not be a breeding ground for drought mosquitoes, we can only avoid dengue fever.

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