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November 19, 2018


Samsung Support to view perspective Riser Smart Phones National Institute for the Blunt Research and Development Digital Under the Digital Bridges

The smartphone can be considered as an important tool that facilitates the livelihood of the people. The keypad is small. The Touch Screen smartphone is a big change for blind people. Thai Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. provides Samsung's smartphone. National Institute for the Blind for Research and Development Training of smartphones for people with disabilities across the country under the Tai Blind Foundation. For those with disabilities, the smartphone's activities can be conveniently used for daily life.

Mr. Werith Charaniah Senior Manager, Corporate Marketing, Thai Samsung Electronics Company, Ltd. "Today's smartphones do not have a role to communicate, and smartphones are a learning tool, help us open our world and help us touch us, not just smartphone phones, but also people with visual impairments Eajanam receive. Through features. Accessibility, or the "Accessibility Help" provides a function to read what's on the screen. Increases confidence and reduces errors in the touch screen. It also allows access to the data. Enables the use of a daily vineadattilea accessible and educational applications. Email In the way of data transfer, online payment services, preatsahippikkunnatinukeantan the use of smart phones Samsung viewers. We are committed to improve the quality of life for everyone in our navikaranattilute. "

The National Institutes for the Blind for Research and Development is a subsidiary of the Thai Blind Foundation which offers smartphone training programs for the blind people from Thailand every month. Training is quite specific. Training knowledge is very low. Each stage of training will take between three to five days. Pre-trained partners can use a basic smartphone.

Shri. Jodh Ranging Information Technology Head, Blind Facilities for The Blind Foundation Speaker is an active participant in smartphones. The most difficult thing in training is the difference. The first is the basic knowledge. Some people know about smartphones. But some do not. The second thing is the device's difference. For some disabled people, there is nothing to do. I do not have the courage to buy a smartphone. Not sure if you can use a smartphone? People who train and train their own. Smartphones that bring you another version. Training is very difficult. Each smartphone has different functional and utilization methods, and this means that Samsung will reduce learning difficulties to disable smartphone support. Then the institute in view. It is willing to provide relevant agencies in various sectors. It can be used to buy a smartphone loan to use the same training. Training is becoming more widespread and will benefit from a countrywide viewpoint. "

"After we've learned the basics, the viewers turned to smartphones, and the fear of touching them without touch without a keypad has gone missing." In addition to incoming calls – make calls, go to music downloads, watch video and audio through Youtube and social media.I've opened the world and these tools are useful, "Jatpone added.

Visionless people have broken the walls of fear and have gone into the digital world. This is another major change in the life of smartphones. Smartphones that do not exchange for communication with you. The artificial intelligence (Ii) facilitates them when they can read the text on the screen. Information about the website used in daily life, food menus or labels.

"So if we do not have a phone with a keypad, or less visually we have few options, we should try to prepare him for as long as we can," said Jattappan.

Smartphones training on Android system is fun. Samsung has been weakening viewers to use Google assistant system to use the smartphone. Need to find basic information such as BTS or buses, playing or predicting games.

Shri Nattapang Lehlambu Work on red crosses This is freelance for a bank. He is one of the participants of the smart phones organized by Sri Nattapong. This program was participated. Secondly, he is one of Samsung's smartphone users. Whether this is for information. Or document management can make it convenient to work.

MissTitihan Sundarvirt Visual impairment The live broadcast of this training is from a home perspective through Facebook. He is one of those who use smartphone for six years. The first lesson. School started from 6 to 8. "The blind and blind are using it and it's touching for a smartphone and I do not need to play it for some time, but when it's accepted we've got the start and look for something new to learn more and learn more. Being constantly and blind, from real overseas, now in Thailand, we should also take the opportunity to study others, "Titihihan said.

At the end of the training. Samsung opens the blind. It is used to develop smart phones to respond to the best of all use.

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