Wednesday , March 22 2023

Lenovo's $ 1 million for Legend League of Legends Hold


Legion Champions Season III announced today that the e-sports team will compete in the World Final next year. More than 1 million Bhatt.

The third year "Legion of Champions" e-sport game with the name "League of Legends", supported by the Lenovo team in support of the sport in Thailand. In the final round of Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Vietnam, 128 teams will be selected to form the Thailand.

The championship will start on December 4-4, 2061. 16 teams will be selected to participate in offline competitions. The Panitip Sports Arena on December 15, 2018 and the first two winners will get 15,000 and 10,000 boats respectively. Countries have earned a million Baht Prize from January 25-27, 2062, at the Central Ladder Operations Center.

General Manager Thanas Anchshiri Indochina, Lenovo (Thailand) "For the third consecutive year, Lenovo has collaborated with Intel to prove its position in the Legion Legion of Champions competition, with Lenovo's need for PC gaming and Legion's gaming, along with young people and sports in Thailand. We are looking forward to that, and gamers all over the country know the game well because of the participants in this competition, which is the power to take the sports of Thailand into the world. "

The Lenovo Legion T730 officially featured the IFA 2018 World Cup Technology and Electronics Exhibition. The Thailand Game Show was chosen as the best gaming desktop or the best desktop gaming in 2018. Designed to be easily customized in the machine. Legion T730 comes with 8th Gen Intel Core ™, Intel® Optane ™ processors and downloads and plays games in games for games. Quickly connecting NVIDIA's GeForce® GTX 1060 graphics cards, graphics are streamed in 60 frames per second.

We are very happy to "be able to develop the product to fulfill the needs of gamers. The gallery is the best gaming deskyan from the Thailand game show, this is a gaming PC for the redesigned T730 is geyiman.lejin performance and is the largest in Southeast Asia. An important game for upgrading the Games," Misa Rrar Tan added.

The qualifying round of the qualifying round of Champions Season III will now open on November 30 and November 30. Interested parties can participate in the competition or request more information. The FIG

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