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It can be during the black hole


It can be during the black hole

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It is a tragic phenomenon that surprise all scientists and attempts to find answers. The brightness of light from night to night in night can be seen. In June last year the light of light quickly disappeared and this official phenomenon is "The Cut" or official name is AT2018cow.

But scientists have also collected information from various sources that scientists in the northwestern university shattered stars in compact objects in the United States and caused the creation of black holes and neutron stars. Cum seems to be the remnants of a bright star that is surrounded by a black hole. These secret objects are 200 million light years away. But when you study the horoscopes of a black hole and neutron stars, you will be able to find it when the star falls down.

Scientists from the Norwegian Western University believe that the fish is a black hole or a neutron star. It seems to be 100 times lighter than a typical supernova, and the particles are released and disappeared immediately after flash disappear.

Astronomers have used a variety of tools to help you learn after the flash disappear to learn more about what happened. Generally a new black hole is covered with matter, but the fish content is very clear, looking at the center of the process and the black hole inside.

Credit: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center

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