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In Tamil, the amphitheum team opens a clear expression of "tropical solo". Leapfrog cut off body


In Tamil, the amphitheum team opens a clear expression of "tropical solo". Leapfrog cut off body

Open a clear image "Angel Sono" / General Rangiroj Saung Khamamong of the Royal Thai Police (Square) at 11.30 am on January 22. Royal Thai Police Office (Paul Core Tour Taura) was quoted to the Political Secretary of the Anti-Doping Committee (AOLO), deputy director general of the Information Technology Department. Deputy director of the Prime Minister's Office Publish the results of the search for drug trafficking "Angel Solo"

In the course of investigation, the man who used Fuke was the man who attacked the "Angel Sono", after the death of a local resident, betrayed drug traffickers, Bandong Police Station Khan Cain 30-year-old Fanzati Province

As the head of this team, Mr Punnarat is known as "Kava Kava" as the "all the tablets" of the drug trafficking process. On August 27, 2019, a 100,000-batch drug group at the Kraut Been police station

Punnawati has been migrating to a fleet in neighboring countries by revealing news reports. At the border of Mae Sai District in Chiang Rai province, Pragyanan Nonghua or "body wearing sour cream" has escaped from the Check Point checkpoint. Because there is the drug movement

Each team is using the name Punniyut as an order to find drugs from neighbors. There are networks that sell at least 4-5 people who are already aware of the initials, but they are already out of waste.

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Initially, a warrants were issued for the penguin. All in the group are Mr. Suvith, Chai Chai, and Charonvatt. The other three groups are developing the underneath of drug conspiracy, although the group of accused have fled abroad but the National Police Office has collaborated with neighboring countries to catch criminals

In addition to Sono Divinity, their teenagers suffered physical torture in the area of ​​Khoon Kai. In region 4 used to conduct such behavior in other areas, such as provincial Khiri Khan province 6 Futuhlun Province, Pattaban province of Pethaban province

The GAN network group, in all the tablets, is Mr. Punnwit, which means "Death of Petbuboon". Every time they tried to suppress the thought of betraying the drug smugglers to 30 years in tatavupulliyaya ciyanbunmuni or a dog, a 25-year prison tavaccai'i metukkun, a 25-year-old kirrpean noi calories, Jane, a 25-year-old natatvatt bundeang or 24 years of age, to identify the accused and the victim appears in a clip of 21-year-old US Iteyuntayirunnu.

Each companion is engaged in aggression, and the gang of traffickers, the nickname of "all cereals" has a tangent symbol since last August, and this team is widespread since August, confirming that this group is not a large group, not a mafia. Or drugs who are trying to use social media channels to try to find consumers. The drugs are about 100 million burdensome sellers making violent assaults, but the money does not deteriorate and people do not have to fear. The police have arrested.

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