Wednesday , March 22 2023

High-tech blast at the Nobel Plenum.


Bangkok – 19 Nov – Knowledge Development

By the end of the year, the Nobel Development Public Company Ltd. is planning to increase the sales volume of "explosive year-end sales". Is ready to live "invest in the last opportunity to own a" plenum. Nobel Planet, the best price of the year. Only 40 special offers are available when 190,000 baths / square meters start. For more information, visit the Nobel plenary building, second floor, tel (662) 251-9955 or visit

The Nobel Planning Project will provide a non-plenary project for the maintenance and housing of the city, Mr. Norbu Development Public Company Ltd Assistant Managing Director Sri. The Environment of the People 4 Plans of more than 9 acres of garden with distinct design in this area were distributed throughout the project. The architects carefully chosen the plant. To create an external nature, depending on the building. Every unit of the best location is necessary for private space, taking into account the private space. BTS Skytalk There is a skywalk connection all the way there. It is estimated to be a major transportation hub and is only 450 meters away from the expressway. In this explosive year-end campaign, the Nobel Company is expected to increase sales by the end of the year. Create market flow. We want to return the premium again. "

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