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Go to the COVID Girls Timeline Close Bathroom from Singburi Sick Carpenter to Bangkok Ung


In the Ministry of Public Health, Dr. Sophom Imsiritawon is a 26-year-old Thai woman with a history of having a 30-year-old Thai man (press release on December 5). And returned. In the evening to walk down the street for a shopping walk at the market

On the 29th, the men reported that Wat fra dat doi went to Wao. Women returning to eat at a La Carte restaurant in May Sai Market Women traveling back and forth can use the Bangkok Thai Smile Airlines WE137, an airport taxi service to a hotel in Bangkok. But to wear the mask to go to Bangkok with Thai Lion Air, fly SL545 from 19.05-20.00 hrs. Also, when you arrive at your residence in Bangkok (November 30-December 3), go to a taxi home. And more

On December 4, the men arrived in tropical medicine to check for infection. As for female friends who have been diagnosed with the corona virus, they travel to become friends. But the next day he had symptoms and on December 5 he came for testing and found COVID. For close contact of two patients, 15 were identified, 5 were high-risk, 10 were low-risk, 4 were high-risk in the community, 2 were in Chiang Rai, and 1 in Patham Thani. There was a contact, Chiang Rai, a taxi driver on the plane. Low-risk people are being monitored

In Singburi Province, there are 227 cases involving a 51-year-old female patient. Of the 32 high-risk groups, all results were negative, including 3 family members, i.e. husbands, parents, patients, 25 other colleagues in the Ang Thong factory, 1 tailor and 3 Ang Thong social security officers. In the second trial pending process, 195 cases of low-risk groups are being monitored.

On November 28, 2020, a 51-year-old patient boarded a flight to Knock Air DD 8717, and found that this patient’s case was too far away from the patient. However, it is considered to be sitting too far away on the plane, between 8 rows, however everyone on the plane is wearing a mask When examined from the CCTV cameras in Mae Fu Luang, it can be seen that the Singburi patients are in the same area as the patients in Fichit province. From the data, there is a time to go to the bathroom at the same time. It needs further investigation. Where is the risk?

“It simply came to our notice then that this was not the second wave of explosions. Since almost all infected people are from neighboring countries, two of those infected in Thailand are close to foreigners. It does not spread from contagious diseases in the country to others. This is considered a very limited infection and we already hoped it would be possible. In this case, we were able to identify the root cause and source of the infection to some extent. There have been no new cases of infection in the area where the travelers from Tachilek have returned home, ”he said. Sophon said.

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