Thursday , June 8 2023

Flu Epidemic, Chullinornorn Demonstrate School, Primary School closed for 3 days


The three day holiday holidays were announced on January 23 and 25 after various infections were reported. Many patients

Professor of the Institute of Sacred School at Challecorne University Tinakkan buppul have a letter written on January 22 saspensanre announcement of his illness infected the Ministry of Health reported that emerged in the school's kindergarten to grade 1 to 6 students and parents about the many ailments of the primary school demonstration school of public health at the University karanamayittuntenn cullankeankaran 5 Ankeakk visit. The instructions given to the study of the school's may be closed to stop the spread of various diseases and the flu School class clean room accessories, equipment, materials and collaborate with students in the request on Monday, January 28, 28 are usually open to any student in the school a healthy home, at home, for the treatment of that disease Irttuka. Prevent transmission of others

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