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Entertainment – The pre-wedding line of ‘Kiev – Tony’ shines before the wedding on December 11 in Khao Yi.


Sunday, December 6, 2020 at 12:35 p.m.

6 Dec ’20 Get ready to enter the wedding door for the most romantic couple. “Tony, Core Route” Or “Coastal Vimonchai Rirk” and a young lover “Kav Charinya Sirimongkolkakul” On December 11, the couple will invite 200 guests and finish one day in Khao Yai.

Recently released the most fashionable pre-wedding pictures. Extreme style, but touching the heart This refers to the personality of the couple who love to spend every moment of their lives from morning to night on any occasion.

Kiev Charinya posted the first pre-wedding photo with Tow Root revealing the idea for this photo …

“1 week to go ~ First, we can not even understand how the pre – wedding shooting, going out of style, or the fashion concept is not clear. I like this style so I want Pee Duck to take a picture for him. So we agreed to continue driving south. It’s beautiful when you find it somewhere. Take a photo right there.

As the day drew to a close we settled down. We also feel that travel is only a part of our lives. Not all of our lives so it was born as the most personal concept for us. The most common is that we love spending time together. Wake up in the morning, day, evening, night in public, have breakfast, go super, go to the woods, run on the sandy beach, play party walks crazy until sleep in town

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a week is the time we want to spend together, when we are happy, when we are sad, when we laugh at each other. Frightened faces of each other, sit, talk, sit quietly, a person leads one to follow together in natural understanding The reality of couple life

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