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AGG dividend payments 0.14 bt, 6 pd 62 on August 22, "xd"

Ashok Prof. Dr. Chaliyau Vittenpakorn East Polymer Group Public Company Limited deputy chief executive officer EPG The company's performance in the 61/62 (61-Mar-62) declined to 10,579 million barrels of revenue at the end of the same period last year with revenues of 9,607 million bags, 972 million bats or 10 per cent

The company had posted a net profit of 903 million barrels in the corresponding period last year. 993 million Bhutto has reduced its net profit. Or aerosols 50%, Aeroflex 27%, EPP 23% Results of 61/62 years growing from 3 major business groups:

1) The total income of insulation / cooling business under Aeroflex brand increased by 2,868 million Bhut or 1% in the same period last year. Sales revenue is locally grown locally, especially in the US. Japan, which decides to use premium products, has affected the fluctuations in foreign currency exchange rates

2) Automatic parts and auxiliaries business in aerokles brand grow well. In the corresponding period last year, 5,276 million dollars or 18 per cent increase in revenue from major products including bid linear / overbridge / side step and new products. Revenue renewal from businesses abroad The company is in the process of creating a cohesion of a main distribution channel business for aerobics in Australia. Which improvement can be found

The plastic packaging business under the EPP brand last year earned 2,436 million baits per annum. Strengthened company by upholding food packaging, food boxes, drinking water and marketing of industrial products

The price fluctuation in raw materials prices has soared. In the current year, the company still uses high-cost raw materials, however, the prices of raw materials have declined by the end of the financial year. According to the revised Labor Protection Act, there is more funding from employee benefits. The other part of such provision will be recorded in the sale and administrative expenses.

Increase in market and administrative cost, mainly for store branches / product development / automotive parts and accessory products in foreign markets. Future growth and sales support promotion and marketing of all products in India and abroad

In addition, the share of profits from its deposits in Associates decreased. With the increase in raw materials, the beginning of the new venture in South Africa declined with revenue from employer benefit liabilities last year

At the Board of Directors, the decision to nominate annual shareholders' annual public meeting in the year 62 to accept Annual dividend payments to the shareholders of Prof. The 392 million Bhut, which requires an annual General Meeting of 242 62 62, ie 392 million Bhat, is 10 percent of the amount (10 or four grams) per share. The shareholders' public meeting approved the dividend payment and the list of eligible shareholders is eligible to receive dividends (record date) on 7 Aug 62 and will give dividends to the shareholders by 22nd August 22nd.

"On December 7, the company gave an interim dividend of 0.08 bt of shares to the shareholders of the company at an interim dividend. The dividend will be paid when a dividend of 0.14 bits per share, Professor Dr.

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