Wednesday , February 8 2023

& # 39; Parker & # 39; Creates a new record near the sun


Images from NASA

The US time is 13.04 on 29 October "Parker Solar Prob" NASA's National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) will create new statistics on the Sun in the nearest telescope ever conducted by human exploration. It was the original Helios 2 spacecraft produced in cooperation with US-Germany at a distance of 42.73 million miles. April 1976

The park's solar propulsion helix 2 breaks the speed record at 246,960 km (246,960 km / h). Such a course. More statistics are set to break in the near future.

Parker was sent to Cape Canaveral in Florida on August 12th. The sun, which comes 78 days later, plans to round the sun in 24 rounds. The last round crosses it by about 2025. Only 6.16 million kilometers from the Sun's surface, only the Parker is gravitationally at maximum speed of the Sun. 690,000 km / h wind predictions.

Parker Solar Probes is made of special carbon compounds. Heat all the exploration devices to prevent the heat from the sun and prevent radiation.

The purpose of exploring the sun. The center of the solar system is finding the answer. The Sun's outer atmosphere The term "corona" is much higher than that of the star's surface. Find the answer to that. The solar wind can be precisely stimulated into such high speed.

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