Thursday , June 8 2023

The consensus of 1992 is dismissed explicitly. Lai Qingde should "give entrepreneurs benefit from promoting beauty of sai in-wen" – Ittod News cloud

The consensus of 1992 is dismissed explicitly. Lai Qingde "Enterprises should help promote the beauty of Sai In-Wen Company"

According to Lai Yujun / Taipei, the Daim Lai Quinde Symposium was co-chaired by the General Chamber of Commerce during the executive Juan. Lai Qingde first rejected the James Street Chamber's Cross Street Policy. Taiwan's future can only be decided by only 23 million people, is expected to Taiwan businessmen mukhyadharayilettumenn, "We need to tayvaniyute the voice of the president of the Sai-in-Venice is good.". "The government's cross-street policy C P P asankayullatan, El Salvador destroyed, they cuntikkat flow in the future, Taiwan and cross the street on the policy regarding China's trade war, the main part of Taiwan's exports to the United States, is part of cross-street policy, and I hope that there will be an answer in today's debate.When Lai Qingde delivered a speech, the Cross Street Policy As a part of According to the president of the Sai Yuan sikyuttiv pravarttikkunnuvennatan in-vensinre leadership. Chinese Prime Minister continues to be modest, with no change, this promise remains unchanged, the match is not going back, but that pressure and Blackstone, the responsibility of the countries that are keeping good relationships and cross strirr Sanal provides support for the Chamber of Commerce. "China does not have to ask Taiwan to recognize a compromise in a Chinese principle." Lai Qinend's 1992 Conspiracy denies that 23 million people can decide the future in Taiwan and even if the president or the ruling party is not suitable for the people. He believes that China does not believe that a country with democracy, law, and freedom does not care that it is tingling. He said the country should recognize that it is not recognized by Taiwan. Changes in relationships can not be associated with the government. Lai Kngnde said. While running a business in China, Taiwan will help the heart of the community and President Saai In-Wen's goodness.

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