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Taiwan's Taiwan version of Taiwan Cap Cafe monitored three phases of policy and trust financing


钜 亨 网 / NOWNews
钜 亨 网 / NOWNews

In 2019, the Taiwanese version of "Fat Coffee Tires" in the CRS is expected to be in 2019. Taiwan will be officially exempt from global taxation. The distribution of the distribution or distribution of goods within and outside the country will be strictly inspected. The customer is reminded of the organization organization. Early review of the financial position of individuals or companies, Proper use of financial instruments such as insurance policies and trusts reminds the public that the family's assets are predetermined, not only to transfer money to future generations but also to avoid tax risks.

The Public Reporting Standard (CRS) for Guidelines issued by Banks in all countries will begin with Taiwan's editions of the Chemical Processing Company that will be implemented by the Republic of China next year. The first financial institutions will be announced in June 2020. First hand over the financial account information for the month.

Guo Zongming, deputy director of the Qicheng United Accounting Firm, has put forward three stages of financial review: First, take investment up to five to seven years and to review income tax. Secondly, apply for the financial institution or prepare relevant payment documents, and save the checking statement. Thirdly, there is a tax risk of 5 to 7 years with foreign capital and revenue. To approach the economist to ensure that the appropriate procedures are innocent,

Global taxation becomes more transparent and Citic Bank recommends setting up family tax privileged schemes as soon as possible, in addition to examining the financial situation of individuals or companies. The complex wealth of tradition must be taken into consideration, which will make me pay extra taxes or family disputes. Most consumers face inheriting wealth, but their children are already making wealth, but fail to make senior financial management failing to use NT $ 2.2 million annually, which will be a high-profile majority in the future.

Depending on the selection of credit management tools, the Consumer Trust Plan (including a Pre-National Gift or Parameter) should be based on the time it takes to pay, consider the family structure of the family, and provide appropriate solutions. Furthermore, the Crown Tribes Trust Scheme, including "Money, Insurance and Estate Trust", for cases involving various family assets and more family members.

Using an insurance trust project trust system, parents are set up as trust supervisors, maintaining management instructions in trusted insurance premiums and applying the right to change, stop or stop trusts. Children have the right to benefit from trust insurance. Depending on the Trust Deed, they will decide on the tuition fees, closing estate taxes, and the period of insure for getting married or giving allowance for allowance. So their assets are actually planned according to the will of the parents.

Financial Management Tools In any way, CITIC banks are paying $ 2.2 million a year to set up a heritage plan and share the next generation in this process and conduct economic education on a timely basis.

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