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Taiwanese love for apple pies, most of them "fast track" apple dailies

According to the MIC Survey, the "PayPal" operating system is the second most frequent operating system in Taiwan for two consecutive years. Kaiji Yian, a member of China Development Gold (2883) says that KGI's cardholders that control Apple's name are 25,000 per month. This is a high amount of transport, especially high speed rail.

The card friend suggests a high speed rail consumption with Apple's name to encourage more cardholders to experience Apple Pay Payment, high speed rail consumption, RMB 3,888, and you can enjoy another 100 yuan. High speed railways cross the gold.

"Transfer", "Online Shopping", "Service Stores", "Life Makeup" and "Home and Supermarket" are the most commonly used.

KGI Bank's China Development Fund Controller celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. From now on May 31, "KGI Silver Goose Meaning" will start with the Sweepstakes. Apple will get a leak draw for each payoff. Gogoro 2 electric motor car was stolen six consecutive months. A total of 18 units were distributed. (QRhujun / Taipei Report)

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Looks like 2.7 billion points without the difference of "saku sang" by Luc Ziyogyang's crazy bubble.

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