Monday , June 5 2023

NBA "was forced to join the Cousins ​​Warriors – Zhongshi News


Experts and fans criticized the decision to join the Warriors last summer, but Cassidance did not defend himself, until now he has suffered an injury and returned to the field after injuries. Last year, I submitted a number of teams to a quest, but they refused, so I was forced to join the Warriors. "

"At the Athletic reporter, Cassins said:" I contacted many teams and gave them warrants for their only one year, $ 5.3 million, and the person refused, even though the phone was hung up with the juice, but I wanted to come with that conversation, but now it's not necessary. "

"Warriors are the most troubling team, their real strength is very strong, and now I join them, and many people hate me, but I'm not thinking." I focus only on my health and the career of my future life. "

Cairns says that his involvement in the Warriors is definitely compulsory and the Warriors become a five-star fountain, which will enable three innocent people to complete a series of stronger enemies.

(China Times News Letter)

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