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Influenza Rawels Diseases of Influenza: Hong Kong Economic Times – Top – Health


Many are mistaken that this disease is seriously cold, but in fact there are two symptoms.

First child dies in Hong Kong Fever and cold are mainly through the drops, such as cough, sneezing, and eyes, nose, mouth, etc. It can be infected, many have mistaken that many are misunderstood. Respiratory infections and lung tissue virus (RSV) and pneumonia are also easily confused. But the four symptoms are different.


The Hong Kong Hospital Chinese University shares the difference between the four diseases. (Source: CUHK Medical Center Facebook Page)

At the Chinese University of Hong Kong HospitalFacebookFever may be due to fever, cough, nose and nose.

The influenza and the cold symptoms are different

In addition to the above symptoms, cold patients can cause throat, sneezing and headaches. Patients with influenza are diagnosed with diarrhea for physical pain, signs, and vomiting. The fever has been affected by fever infections and cold infected patients are infected with flu and the flu has been administered for more than two days.

Chent Peyey, president of the Hot Cang Public Medical Doctors Association, said that there are hundreds of viruses infected with lung infections due to high brain disease, the most common type of rhinovirus (40%), coronavirus (20%), respiratory cysteiral virus, pyrene fluenos virus (10%), The symptoms are very different. Nevertheless, symptoms are common, and with the above mentioned symptoms, there is a possibility of weakness and severe physical stroke or headaches.

The incubation period of the influenza is usually 1 to 3 days, and the symptoms are relatively serious, with the above symptoms, headache, intensity fatigue, sore throat, usually at 38.5 ° C or above the fever. Bronchitis, pneumonia, chronic disease etc. People with influenza may have complicated problems.

Respiratory cell virus and pneumonia may be dead too

Cell virus infected with bark lungs (RSV) is very epidemic and vital. Respiratory and respiratory infections can also cause respiration, pain, kidneys, lungs, lungs, and respiratory infections. Nasal water is more common than colds, more likely to be made of bronchitis or pneumonia. Infants, adult babies, or asthma, lungs, heart and immune systems are more likely to have infections.

Breathing, hard work, breathlessness, breathing, breathing, breathing or breathing. Deadly.

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