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BEIJING DISCUSSION PROGRAM Launched by US to launch Liu Zeinun Learning Association: Trope New Tang Dynasty TV


At the end of November, the Chinese-US summit summit was held, with the two sides discussing trade negotiations but no progress yet. The US media reported that Liu Hu, the main source of the Chinese media, tried to talk to the US Treasury Secretary. Hong Kong Media News and Liu will personally go to America for talks.

Hong Kong's South China Morning Post quoted three sources as saying that the state council's vice premier in China is trying to mitigate the transaction of China and the United States and try to lead the Sichuan Language Meeting on the G-20 Summit.


However, the Liu H trip has not been scheduled yet.

Though the Chinese party is more optimistic, the thinking at the CCP thinks that the attitude of the Tramp State is certainly not guaranteed.

The US prepared for the 13th Sichuan Learning Association According to the "Wall Street Journal", Liu Hesu and US Treasury Secretary Steven Manju resumed conversations.

On November 9, both of them were on the telephone, but no progress has been made. The US still wants to bring specific recommendations before formal discussions. The Chinese company fears the loss of the bargaining chip. Hence, we hope that we first made discussions and brought in formal proposals.

According to the former US media reports, the US has already opened up to resume negotiations. That is, China needs to react to America's commercial needs and must shape a satisfactory program of America. Otherwise, at the end of November, Chuan Xihui can eliminate the business problems.

Analysts believe Liu Hewi is not likely to go hand in hand in China-US trade, as C-jinping suggests. The American president Trump was optimistic about the Sakhvan association, but the US's stand was not overthrown.

The Trump Republican Party retained the Senate this month after the midterm election, but the Delegation lost a majority of the House. However, the fight against the CCP is the consensus of the American state and the two parties of the opposition parties. Democrat Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat in the Democratic Party, is a poor person who is ready for the CPP. It is widely believed that this new secondary balance will be further reduced by the possibility of a "reconciliation" between the Trump and the government.

China and China are likely to reassess that China will be able to join with China's legitimate business needs through foreign media analysis.

China also said that the US wants "respect" for China's decision. "It still refuses to provide concessions on key subjects, as was" built in 2025 in China ".

Quoted by the US media as saying that it would be difficult to end the U.S.-Korean-Golden Society's "compromise" as China and the US are on a temporary agreement.

In June this year, US and DPRK leaders met in Singapore and issued a statement: "North Koreanization of North Korea". The US side was suspended in the US-South Korean military training but the DPR refused to cancel the sanctions. Following the detection of North Korea's coup, the US-DPR negotiated the US military and the South-South Korea training resumed.

A few days ago, senior advisor to the White House Trade, Peter Naurro, said that the CPP has never said anything, so they can not believe that the CCP can actually be implemented even when the US and China enter into a treaty.

(Reporter Li Lie comprehensive report / responsible editor: Ming Zuan)

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