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Adult can not ignore depression. Long term protection of silver hair |

Silver hair
Alzheimer's disease

Recently, "risk factors" that are likely to develop Alzheimer's disease tend to heal the heated dialogue. There are a number of possibilities, such as living habits, tradition, high blood pressure or diabetes. But I still have to look at my experience.

The functional changes in the brain can cause organic changes

I worked for an old care center at Bathville Hospital where I was working, so let me introduce an old man suffering from mental illness. I found this pattern – young people with dementia are at dementia and young people with mental disorders are less likely to suffer from dementia.

Because I feel the balance between neurotransmitters in the brain.

Depression for serotonin and nonpopine deficiencies. In other words, it is easy to develop dementia from a disease of insufficient neurotransmitters, on the contrary, if you have a neurotransmitter, you can prevent dementia.

Even if you are middle class or young in delusions, if you have long disregarded and develop your symptoms, you may alter the brain generator. If the nerve product material is inadequate, the brain will be subject to a type of functional change. If it is too long, the nerve cells will be damaged and biological changes.

If the victims are depressed and do not get adequate treatment, it may be directly transferred to dementia. Such a case should not be rare. Therefore, use drugs to treat depression and more, you can stay away from dementia.

Older age does not include depression, which is a dementia precaution, and has a high likelihood that changes in dementia if ignored in the old age of depression. These conditions must be viewed carefully.

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