Wednesday , October 5 2022

Xbox and a nice life appear


White Oll Incott and Grouping Inc. Good Life will be released as Xbox One. So far, release was only ...

White Oll Incort and Ground Ink Good life Xbox One will be released for one. So far, this version is only for PlayStation 4 and PC.

The scenes of the video game are Rey Woods, the most self-declared happy city in the world. New York-based photographer Naomi is leading you in this rural area of ​​England. She wants to give her the debt, but she quickly finds that this place is surrounded by secret. At night, all the inhabitants of the village become cats or dogs. Why is this people's happiness due to this transformation? And no one will remember what is happening at night. Naomi wants to fix this secret.

Rayy Woods is said to be a happy village, but it is said that one murder is beyond the unique atmosphere. When Naomi finds her prey, she decides to pursue the crime.

Night cats become dogs or dogs, and Naomi also affects this mystery. The village is a very different place. To collect hints, Naomi can find hidden trails in the form of animals, roofs or gardens.

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