Monday , May 29 2023

The vaccination campaign begins in early January and begins in secret military stockpiles


6 million Swiss people should be vaccinated in the summer

Swiss should be vaccinated early next year for Kovid-19 lung disease. The immunizations should last six months and be completed by the summer of 2021, said Virginie Maseri, head of the infection control division at the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG). Each cantonment organizes its own vaccine distribution. However, by January, not all cantons are likely to be ready. In the first phase, the defense centers will be concentrated in large centers. Up to 70,000 immunizations are planned per day. BAG wants to vaccinate six million people.

The military provides refrigeration equipment for vaccines

The Swiss military will set up all storage facilities for vaccines later this year to protect against the corona virus. To ensure the required minimum temperature, the military needs to purchase refrigerators, freezers and ultra-low freezers. They are needed to keep the vaccine at a very low temperature. The army told the French – speaking Sunday newspaper Le Martin Dimanche that the exact number and location of the camp sites could not be given for security reasons. The military wants to prevent coups, theft and espionage.

Pandemic costs health insurers half a billion francs

Corona Pandemic costs Swiss health insurance companies more than half a billion francs. This is according to a report by Santosius, an umbrella organization published by SonTogsblick. This does not include the amount paid by the cantons and the federal government. Sunois included 130 million francs for the first wave, 180 million francs for inpatient treatment, 40 million francs for ptpatient costs and 200 million francs for vaccination costs. Christophe Kilchenman, chief economist at Santa Suez, said there would be no premium increase because of Corona. In this way, the costs to the premium payers can be controlled. You can count on the fact that there were no additional corona costs after the crisis.

City hotels are frustrated by the lack of tourism

The Corona Pandemic city is seriously affecting the hotel industry. Mountain destinations are attractive with school areas but tourists are not attracted to the cities. Andreas Salig, president of HotelRice, said: In the autumn, the “Sunday newspaper” writes that urban tourism experts expected Christmas markets to take place at least. However, this expectation was dashed by increasing corona numbers. Zurich Tourism President Guglielmo Brentel hopes the vaccinations will work. He recommends an internationally recognized vaccination card. Switzerland should now negotiate with other countries on the mutual recognition of such a card.

Gosi: The FDP needs more emotional communication

FDP party president Petra Gosi is demanding more unity from her party after the recent election defeats. As she told “SonTogs Zaitung” she announced a city and integration strategy. The green strategy did not adversely affect the FDP. Without them, the party would have lost more. As told to Sontagsblick, Gassi finds problems in the centers and calls for more liberal intervention there. FDP needs more direct and emotional communication that touches people more and attracts them. The party could not rest on its laurels. She must learn to fight again. Some members need to use it.

Health insurance terminates contracts with hospitals

According to the NZZ am Sonntag, Swiss hospitals are affected by the termination of the contract. Many health insurers ultimately demand lower tariffs from hospitals and physicians attending private or semi-private supplementary hospital insurance patients. It affects a total of 1.7 million people and a premium volume of 4 billion francs. CSS, one of the largest health insurers, terminated 120 contracts with hospitals by the end of the year. It is doubtful whether all hospitals will be able to approve new contracts with related health insurance companies by early January. Hospitals threatened to demand advance money from patients if there was no contract.

After the failed election: Chur appoints the bishop of Poril

The election of a new bishop for the diocese of Chur exposed the deep rift between the liberal and conservative camps. This is shown in the minutes of the meeting published by “SonTogs Sightung”. Conservative canons feared that the diocese would be taken over by progressive church workers. So the slim majority prevented the election of bishops. Since the canons do not exercise their electoral status, the pope will now appoint a new bishop. According to theologians, all three nominated candidates can hear and recognize the diversity of the diocese.

The migration agreement with China has not been extended

For the time being, the federal government has decided not to extend the immigration agreement between Switzerland and China, which has been in effect since 2015. An extension is basically in the interest of Switzerland. But a spokesman for the NZZ am Sonntag Migration State Secretariat said there was no emergency. The contract expires next Monday. It allowed Chinese Ministry of Public Security officials to travel to Switzerland without official status, to stay here for two weeks, and to identify the identities of those living illegally in Switzerland and suspected of being of Chinese nationality. The agreement has drawn sharp criticism from the Federal Council responsible for foreign policy agreements.

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