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The Swatch Group, the most admired group in 2018, will start the new generation 31/1/19

In 2018, Swach Group announced that it was optimistic. The watch group's sales rose and the margin was improved.

However, like the whole industry, the impact of growth has significantly reduced for more than a year. After all, the team made a good start to the new year.

Last year's sales rose by 6.1 per cent to 8.48 billion Swiss francs. In terms of currency effects, sales grew by 5.7 per cent. At the end of the year, the Bears users continued to have a 13 percent increase in currencies and could not maintain high growth at the end of the year.

Prestige, such as BlankPain, Omega or Longines, has made a strong growth in luxury brands. It has come as a result of high backdrones in producing backlit lines that can produce time and result. Swatch hopes to lose hundreds of millions of dollars. Meanwhile, the prices of medium and small sectors rose.

Growth in Asia

Asia grew strong in dealership business and branded stores including online businesses. However, there was a decline in wholesale trade in the last quarter.

Swach is a good shot in North America. France, the United Kingdom, and the United Kingdom have grown in sales. Yellow riots erupted in the industry when Paris arrived.

Swatch Group's operating profit (EBIT) increased by 15 percent to CHF 1.15 billion. So the margin rose by 1.1 per cent to 13.6 per cent. However, 14.7 percent margin remained in the first half of this year, expected analysts and higher values.

1 & # 39; 700 new jobs

According to communicant, the marketing costs are kept at a high standard, such as: Olympic Winter Games Peonchang, South Korea, Asian Games in Indonesia. 1,0000 jobs were created in this category. There were 1,300 workers in Swiss construction. By the end of December, the total number of the group was 37,100. Of these 18,000 were in Switzerland.

Last year's net profit stood at 867 million Swiss francs. Here too, the market is expected. As in the past year, savings intend to increase dividends to shareholders: per share CHF 1.50 since CHF 8.50 is a dividend CHF 7.50 and CHF 1.60.

Good start until 2019

The last one will succeed at the start of the new year and the point of view. In January, this segment would be comparable to the best month of last year. In 2019, there is a thrilling performance.

Nick Hike, the CEO of business in China, has a chance to see even worries from China and the United States, even with discomfort. China has a strong presence in China. This wants to get more market share in Japan.

In 2019, the luxury brand Harry Winston and a Growth driver will continue. Blanpain is expected to grow stronger. Omega will have several points with a lot of new products expected to cost investors in the 50th anniversary of the lunar month. In the meantime, the Swash Pent has begun a successful Swaziland in January in Switzerland.

This is how Swatch responds

After publishing in 2018, the papers published by watch manufacturers Swatch were released on Thursday. Analysts are disappointed with the tap of the tape and ask for their price target rating.

Swatch Barrage Securities finally hiked the market to 285.20 from 6.09%. Richmond also lost 0.96 per cent of his relatives.

That's what the analysts say

Swutch with a big shot missed the expectations of an analysis. This applies to profits by 10% more cons, as an analyst for UBS (rating: & # 39; sales & # 39; s). But even somewhere in the sale, even the most disgusting things are lost, it says elsewhere.

"Crowd Quarters" crossed "Market Weights" bypassing. Vontobel analytics expert & # 39; hold the rating & # 39; Although he changes the price target (CHF 370).

Distribution issues of Omega and Longines will result in naturally disappointing consequences. The house numbers only describe woodbell experts.

Positive Outlook of current year management is partially received. Goldman Sachs (& # 39; Neutral & # 39;) is in the fourth quarter of 2018, especially in December.

There is even doubt with Bader Helvi (& # 39; Hold & # 39;). Analyst is an expert on scrutiny in the context of a global recession, particularly in the context of the poor poor economy of China.

"Fable" (optimism) and optimism. "


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