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The health risks are low: the study is as bad as juice cola and soda

Do not drink too much sugar drinks like coke, citrus etc. However, pure fruit disorders can cause health problems. According to a new study, their consumption increases premature death and industrial sugar drinks.

According to a study by Emrie University, Atlanta and University of Alabama, old-fashioned fruits – 0.35 liters of sugar drinks increase by 11 percent even daily. Another 0.35 liters increase the risk to 24%. Therefore, they research the juice of juice. Scientists published their results in the English journal JAMA Network Network.

Data from 13,440 people are evaluated – many obese

The researchers evaluated information from 45 to 13,440 adults (from 60 per cent males). Their drinking water sources are recorded regularly for at least six years. 70% of them are overweight and obese, but do not have high risk of heart disease or diabetes. More than 1000 deaths and 168 deaths have been reported from coronary heart disease.

Other factors play a role

The danger of premature death is a statistical value. Precise covers can not be made. Authors point out that more facts play a role and require more investigations.

Sweet drinks are highly encouraged

Shrimp drinks have been known to promote obesity, resulting in diseases such as sugar and water, in terms of whether drinks contain natural fruks or industrial sugar.

Glucose promotes diabetes

For example, the metabolism of fructose is not the same as glucose. As a result, fructose adversely affects blood lipid levels, swelling marks and blood pressure. High glucose intake is associated with insulin resistance (due to cardiovascular disease) and diabetes. The researchers explain the importance of weight. In addition, fat removal increases a centralized hormone response. It is a risk factor for heart disease. Calorie intake in liquid form is usually indicative of the possibility of obesity.

Why is fruit juice better than lamar

Overall, consumption of fruit juice (spice juice) includes scrubbing, or fruit amrita (added by adding sugar), vitamins, phytochemicals, and fiber.

For example, the American Academy of Pediatrics prescribes 0.17 liters of fruit juice per day for children under the age of one and a half. Children above seven and above should have a maximum of 0.23 liters per day.

Attention, fructose: There is much sugar fruit

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