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The Ermotti UBS does not budget


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However, UBS is far below its capacity. This again shows the result. UBS is getting frustrated in the fourth quarter of last year. The wealth of wealthy private companies earned $ 700 million in the last months of 2018 with $ 3 billion. In the last fiscal, it was worth $ 5 billion.

UBS wants to be a US bank and so it is reported in the US currency. So compare the profits of large US banks here. JP Morgan's $ 31 billion, Bank of America 28 billion, Wels Fourgo 21 billion and Goldman Sachs 10 billion. Even the disappointing Morgan Stanley, even confined to just 9 billion profits, was behind them five billion.

Compared to large corporations, pool is an explanation of the UBS revenue of 2018. It's a big disappointment in relation to the great possibilities of the best private customers around the world.

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They distort their own incompetence. Before the list, UBS's Ermoti and his senior colleagues collect 100 million dollars every year for $ 100 million! In the meantime, more than 60,000 workers get a lower bonus. Investor with the investor who participated in the tub.

UBS's stock is a big topic for you to evaluate Sergio's Ermortis performance as a form of UBS. In November 2011, Erto was elected as the CEO of Swiss Bank.

It's a good moment and a thought. At that time, the bank collapsed in loss of a London Junior Trader's 2 billion derivative. That's 10 billion. This is even more shocking because UBS had escaped from a slowdown in the slowdown of Swiss citizens a few years ago.

When was this dream come true when the Ermoti disappeared? His UBS shares grew by 27 per cent. Among the major Swiss equities, 61% were the gainers. The bank, which has a number of legs like UBS, looked like a small universal bank called Vonbobel, shot directly on the roof: 125 percent, more than double.

The Armored opposite refers to an opponent. During the same period, the Credit Suisse and UBS have improved its equity performance. Since the end of 2011, it has lost almost half of its value to date.

If the company no longer works smoothly, it needs new senior management. What's wrong with UBS? Under the leadership of CEO Hermitage and President Accel Weber, the bank failed to make successful successors.

UBS may appoint future employers who are responsible for the future. Ermott never met again. But the personal bonus above the bank and his colleagues may not be difficult – even until 2014, UBS shares have lost one-third of its value.

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