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That's how Tommy Glossor became a dialogue with Roger Shavinsk

Tamil gyoser was the current guest at the SRF talk show of Ragor Shavinsky. Their statement on the issue of a greenery is something to be told about.

Yesterday at 11 o'clock yesterday you ran to SRF 1. You wanted to see two things: Roger Shavinski (73) blocked his guest in Tamazi Glosser (34), an instagram Instagram statement Can the cell cancer destroy the cells from the sperms in the last week? How is the candidate in the newly appointed National Council using the talker's words? This lasts for 18 minutes and 30 seconds.

Shavinsky: "Are you okay there?" Glossier: "It happened in that incident, thoughtless, I took up my mistake and forgiven it, it was stupid, and learned the lesson." And then: "I apologize and never do the trump."

«Less harmful than long-distance flights»

But in the glasses, Shoysky is drawing her unexpected flair. "You have a lot of flying like a model, but did you have an airplane flight for Bali?" Glosser said she was compensating her and did not think everything had to be abandoned. Shavensky concludes: "But the distance is far away." Glasher replied, "Fewer flights with long-distance flights are short." Shawen's questions are right. He defends glosser himself: "I'm not saying it is relatively low," but later he is not sure about the integers. He said that Mr. Savinski was a merciful person.

Blake has also been recalled for the Ticky glosser. Zurich Glasher estimates that Zurich Zurich Zurich is 4.7 tonnes of CO2. For example, Berlin is 13 times less than 0.348 tonnes. Calculates the amount of CO2, and the two CO2 values ​​closer to the stunning approach (see table):

In general, otherwise fire and aggressive speech are by hand. GLUORS love it. Finally, she invites her partner Dominic RinderChild (29) to the wedding. If there is one. In glossary's opinion: "I am not a church."

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