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Sky: Patrick Kunk resigns


Patrick Kung (35) was the last moment of the Great Career. Glener stops skis in the middle of the season. Later on Wednesday afternoon, he will announce his resignation letter from Kittsal.

Patrick Kink skiing marks the end of his life in Beaver Creek Downhill World 2015. The 35-year old Glenrunner ski takes the hiatus off. Kitsukal week!

Wednesday afternoon KitKish will announce his resignation. A cook is looking at the insider: "He no longer dares to go for it." It is no longer possible to stay in his career. "He realized that it would be even more dangerous with this uncertainty on the paths like Kittsbol." He draws a line immediately.

In Labourhonon will fall in 2019

After her golden water, Kung lucked the good luck. Because of a patellar trash, we lost everything in one season. Since then, Kang has not found the right step back.

In addition, he drilled the drone hill training on Lubeerhorn last week. "After the training of Laberburran, his health would be at stake, because he could do more harm and he immediately decided to repay," the representative of the Fischer Distributor explained.

On this occasion, King won the King of Crown with the victory of Kerry Sprint Downhill. In addition to Vengan Downhill, he won the 2013 Super Griff match at Beaver Creek. (Rib / M.W.P.)

This is the golden cup of Patrick Kung!

Jane after LaBarhorn's training

«Wengen Everything is an easy one»

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